With Movember 2016 beginning this week, we caught up with a few of this year’s growers as well as the showers talking us through their very best moustache and beard grooming tips that you can share.

The Movember Foundation is the leading global organisation working to change the face of men’s health, spreading awareness and most importantly… raising money for the cause.

Let the growing commence…

Stemming from humble beginnings, the movement has since grown globally from 30 Mo-Bros taking part in 2003, to over 5 million Mo-Bros taking part to date. By 2030 The Movember Foundation aims to reduce the number of men dying prematurely by 25%.

Raising money and awareness, the growers…

We discover the stories as told by Mo-bros from around the world who are taking part this year, to find out why they are raising money for the cause and how they plan to maintain, grow or customise their Mo-hair!

Kurt Reinhardt: @kurtreinhardt

Movember (1)

Why are you taking part in Movember?

“Just the other day, after I had dyed my beard rainbow colours, I was stopped in the parking lot of a grocery store by a gentleman who was roughly my age.  He commented on how crazy my beard looked and asked if I had done it for Halloween.  I informed him I had done it as a way to raise money for research and awareness of men’s health issues, like prostate and testicular cancer and he suddenly choked up.”

“This man, Mike, had just recently lost his 23 year old son to testicular cancer.  He opened up his wallet and pulled out $4, most of the the cash he had in the wallet, and gave it to me to donate on his behalf.  Of all the people who’ve donated through me this year, thus far, that was the smallest, yet most meaningful donation.  It brought tears to my eyes…that’s why I participate.  What I can do to help raise awareness and money for men’s health issues is so easy and simple compared to what families like Mike’s have had to endure.”

How do you plan to take part in Movember?

“Traditionally, most men completely shave on November 1st and either grow a moustache for the month or go all caveman for “no shave November”.  In the past, I’ve done both.  This year, however, I started fundraising early.  Since everybody knows me for my beard, I thought it would be fun to incentivise people to donate by holding a contest in which they could vote, through donations, on the colour(s) I would dye my beard. Thus far, I’ve raised over $1100 and the colour scheme they chose was Pride (Rainbow). So, I dyed my beard and am honored to represent both the Movember Foundation and my LGBT friends and family.”


“For a second round of fundraising, I thought I would give people the opportunity to decide whether or not I would go “naked” or “hairy” or November. That is, to shave or keep my beard.  On Facebook I posted one of my better beardless pictures from last year, one that doesn’t make me look like a middle-aged toddler, for the sake of comparison to my current look.. “

“Interestingly enough, the majority of female respondents preferred me without the beard, whereas most of the men were aghast that I would even consider shaving it off!  If donors vote “hairy”, I’ll re-dye my beard some other color scheme for Movember.  If donors vote “naked” then I’ll go clean shaven the entire month, contrary to most other Movember participants. Honestly, I think my donors will vote for me to keep it my beard, though, so I’m looking forward to dying it again, at least for another month!”

Kenny Lindberg:  @kenstarfighter

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Why are you taking part in Movember this year?

“Prostate Cancer is the most common type of cancer in Sweden, but few people know about it and awareness is needed. My dad was diagnosed with it two years ago and he is now thankfully completely healthy and well, I believe this was because of the research funding that Movember contributes to.”

How else have you seen people raising money for men’s health issues?

“Last year at the Barber Club, Solsidan, the shop donated all of the money that they made that day from shaving directly to the prostate cancer union, an easy and great way to earn money for a great cause.”

Gareth Daniell  @braaiboy

Movember3 (2)

Why are you taking part in Movember this year?

“We should really be taking men’s health issues more seriously and be able to talk about it more openly. The stats on young(er) men being affected by various male health issues is startling, and many of these cases could have been treated if caught sooner. I’d like to play a part in fixing that. I’ve been involved as an ambassador (officially and unofficially) since 2010, and plan to do so until the day I bid my final farewell.”

Do you have any advice for first time growers?

“A good beard oil will definitely do the trick. Whatever you do… don’t give up! The initial itching subsides after a few short days.”

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Giving us their best Movember grooming guidance, the showers….

We reached out to the grooming experts sharing their very best tips and tricks on keeping mo-hair tidy whether it’s of the beard or tash variety.

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The English Beard Oil Company


“Be patient If your precious man mane needs taming use beard oil or moustache wax.”

“Keep your beard clean using either a beard shampoo or a gentle face wash, plus using our Lime & Bergamot Beard Oil every day all the way to the hair follicles helps maintain the hidden skin, keep the beard nice and soft, and always smelling great. Finally, use a beard brush every day without fail to keep everything nice and tidy. “

James Barley: @iamjamesbarley

Movember4 (1)

“Firstly, be prepared that you may not be able to grow the kind of facial hair that you want. Some beards are patchy and not as thick as you’d like it to be. Secondly, you are going to experience itchiness like nothing else you have ever known. Use a decent face scrub at first and condition your stubble with a beard oil. These two steps will keep pores open, avoiding ingrown hairs and soften the stubble which will reduce the itchiness.”

“My favourite product to use is London Beard Company Eastern Spice Beard Oil – smells great and leaves my beard and skin feeling refreshed.”

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Maintaining Mo-Hair after Movember…

And if you want to keep your moustache or beard going long after Movember, Instagram influencer Chez Rust offers his advice…

Movember5 (1)

“Just let it keep growing out until you are happy with the length and then start trimming it and shaping it.  I’d also say if you are missing your razor/clippers then just use it on your neck to keep yourself looking tidy whilst you are growing out your beard.”

Ensure that your mo bros are fully equipped with our selection of beard grooming products

You can make a donation to The Movember Foundation here

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