Every hairdresser knows that a good blow dry can take a cut to the next level!

So, if you are always on the lookout for new ways to deliver a sleek and shiny finish to your clients’ hair, you are going to love the NEW Elchim Hot Honey Care Pods!

This unique new system makes the most of Elchim’s already iconic hair dryer technology to infuse the drying process with all of the hair care benefits of honey – just by using the new nozzle and pods!

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What are the NEW Elchim Hot Honey Care Pods?

A new revolutionary product from Elchim, the Hot Honey Care Pods offer a unique 3-in-1 system that dries, styles and treats the hair.

The pods fit into the specially designed Elchim hair dryer nozzle. They are then activated by the hair dryer’s heat to infuse the process with all of the natural benefits of honey.

Why Use Elchim Hot Honey Care Pods in YOUR Salon?

Whether you already use one of Elchim’s industry leading hair dryers in your salon, or are about to invest in one, the Hot Honey Care Pods will take your client’s results to the next level.

Choose between the Sublime Liss Smoothing Pods or the Supreme glossy Anti-Frizz Pods to suit your client’s particular needs.

For dry and frizzy hair, use the Supreme Glossy pods to improve shine and hydration.

If hair is in need of smoothing, use the Sublime Liss formula for a gorgeous sleek finish.

Other benefits of the Elchim Hot Honey Care system include…

  • The WOW effect – hair is visibly transformed in just minutes!
  • Natural hair care – benefit from the natural nutritive properties of honey
  • Maximum efficiency – the treatment is distributed evenly and immediately
  • Time saving – care for the hair while it dries using patented Hot Vortech technology
  • Easy styling – hair is left softer for easy styling

Even better, the Elchim Hot Honey Care Pods are a perfect alternative to hair treatments such as oils and serums that can weigh hair down and be difficult to evenly distribute. Hair is left smooth, healthy and lightweight – the ultimate combination!

How exactly does Elchim Hot Honey Care work?

To get going, you’ll need the Elchim Hot Honey Care Starter Kit and a compatible Elchim hair dryer.

The hair dryers that are designed to work with the system are…

Once you have your starter kit, fit the new nozzle. Insert a new Honey Care Pod into the nozzle with each use and remove the old one.

Elchim Hot Honey Care Starter Kit

Shop Elchim Hot Honey Care Start Kit!

Honey Care Pod refills are also available to buy in packs of 12 online at Salons Direct.

How long will the results last for?

For most hair types, the results of using the Elchim Hot Honey Care system will last until the hair is next washed. It’s not a permanent or semi permanent treatment, nor does it modify the structure of the hair in the way chemical straightening or perming would.

While the honey does produce a light fragrance, it is a light scent that will not be too overpowering.

The Hot Honey Care system can be used as often as desired and is safe for use on all hair types.

Can I use other treatments with the Hot Honey Care system to maximise results?

The Elchim Hot Honey Care System is designed to be effective even without the use of further styling products and tools.

However, should your client wish, it is perfectly safe to use hot hair tools after blow drying. The Hot Honey Care Pods contain protective ingredients for the hair, meaning further heat protective products aren’t necessary.

For best results, pre-dry the hair at maximum speed and temperature with the Honey Pod. After 3 minutes, continue to style as desired with your chosen brush, with the pod still in use.

Bring the natural power of honey to your blow drying services now – Shop the Elchim Hot Honey Care system exclusively with Salons Direct!

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