As any professional barber will argue, the key to executing the perfect style is all down to the tools you use. For expert precision, reliability when grooming multiple clients a day and a user-friendly ergonomic design – barbers and stylists call upon Andis time and time again.

Here we chat to Andis to find out more about the brand and their dominance within the salon electricals industry.

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Tell us more about how Andis became industry innovators in salon equipment, specifically clippers?

Andis traces its roots back to the 1920s when Matthew Andis was working at a motor car company in Wisconsin, USA as a tool maker. He decided to leave and start his own business making an electric version of hair clippers.

Fast forward 95 years, where today, Andis Company, is still a family-owned company guided by the fourth-generation president, Matt K. Andis,

Andis remains committed to the same high quality and innovation demonstrated by our founder nearly a century ago.

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How do you think your products help the hair business?

For any hair professional, time is of course money. Our products – specifically clippers and trimmers – are designed to allow them to create the styles their clients want, quickly and efficiently. If you look at today’s men’s grooming trend, many of these styles are best achieved with hair clippers. So, our products are integral to their success. At the same time.

And while Andis is passionate about manufacturing the best tools in the industry, we also take that passion to Andis’ education offerings so that hair professionals around the world have the very best in clipper education to go along with the very best Andis tools when they’re behind the chair.

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What are your best-selling product(s)?

Some of our legacy products include the iconic Master Adjustable Blade Clipper and T-Outliner trimmer used by generations of barbers. However, some of our newer cord/cordless tools, such as the ProFoil Shaver and Slimline Pro Li trimmer, are fast becoming professional favourites in the UK market.

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How does Andis stay competitive within the industry?

We’re constantly working to build and improve upon our product lines by listening to what our end-users need and helping to educate them on the best ways to use each tool.

We also actively seek unique opportunities to not only showcase how the company has evolved over the years, but also highlight the industry’s evolution. For example, we’re pleased to have recently hosted the first-ever men’s grooming competition on the main stage at one of the industry’s top beauty shows.

What does Andis have in store for 2017 and beyond?

In 2017 and beyond, education will be a primary focus. We have worked diligently to build an international education team for our Barber & Beauty division, and now have a total of 22 educators in various countries across the globe. In addition to continued product innovation, we are releasing a new education book, Clipper Cutting 201, as a companion to our popular Clipper Cutting 101 guide, which will be available in the UK later this year. Resources like these books, and their companion how-to videos, will help barbers and stylists master key clipper-cutting techniques that help them take their careers to new heights.

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