Whilst they ultimately serve a practical purpose, salon electricals such as hairdryers can also shake up the aesthetic of your salon interior, allowing you to experiment and express your ethos with pops of colour and interesting prints.

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Here at Salons Direct we stock a wide range of statement salon electricals. With this in mind, there was really no better opportunity to catch up with Parlux,  the iconic movers and shakers of the salon electricals industry.

parlux salon equipment


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Tell us more about how Parlux became industry innovators in salon electricals…

Before launching their first product in the 1970s, the director of Parlux spent many years researching and collaborating with top hair salons in order to make sure that the needs and demands of every hairdresser were met.  This is something that Parlux have continued to do ever since.  This can be seen in new innovative ideas such as in-built silencer, allowing hairdressers to hear their clients, and the ceramic ionic technology giving smooth and healthy results.

Along with working closely with top hair salons, Parlux constantly carry out tests and research for both the Parlux products and the manufacturing methods.  For example, Parlux created their “Robotized Hairdresser” where accurate technical tests are carried out to make sure the hairdryer is perfect for the requirements of hairdressers.

Parlux hairdryers are iconic, how do you think this came to be?

Parlux has become a worldwide brand – used by hairstylists across the world in many different places; salons, photoshoots, fashion shows and more.  Due to their presence in the market for over 40 years and their continuous popularity, this is most likely the reason for them being so iconic.  With celebrity stylists from London to LA to Australia showing their adoration for the hairdryers, the brand has continued to be an iconic market leader.

The appearance of a Parlux hairdryer has an international design patent, giving the Parlux brand an even more unique place in the market.  The hairdryers are both recognisable and loved for their unique, classic and modern look.


Parlux hairdryers

What are your best-selling product(s)?

For the UK & Ireland, the Parlux 3200 has always been popular with hairdressers – the durability and design is much-loved in the industry.  Parlux offer many gorgeous colours, but the black hairdryer always comes out on top!

New launches such as the Parlux 385 PowerLight and, more recently, the Parlux Advance, have proved popular with hairdressers and salon customers.  Their compact style and being lightweight also offer stylists who travel the world a small yet hugely powerful hairdryer.

How does Parlux stay competitive within the industry?

 Parlux pride themselves on working closely with hair salons in order to make sure that they are one of the first in the industry to meet hairdressers’ wants and needs.  From innovative technology to new eye-popping colours, Parlux offer something for everyone.  Every year at an international trade show in their homeland of Italy, Parlux will launch something new that keeps their brand fresh and their products exciting.

Parlux have exclusive distributors for each territory worldwide.  Allowing each of those territories to make marketing and sales decisions themselves gives Parlux a great competitive edge in terms of reaching the hairdressing market and providing that territory with exactly what is necessary.

Parlux hairdryers

What does Parlux have in-store for 2017 and beyond?

Parlux like to keep their new inventions very quiet until their big launch each year at Cosmoprof international trade show, and so until March we will be on the edge of our seats to see the new launch that Parlux has for 2017. 

The company are also focused on protecting the environment; in recent years Parlux have endeavoured to make their products and packaging as eco-friendly as possible.  They have a care and dedication to create ecological products with low environmental impact whilst maintaining its renowned quality status.

Discover our best selling Parlux hairdryers…

Whilst black is truly a staple, why not discover the Parlux statement dryers? Perfect for adding extra interest to your hairdressing stations or kit bag.

Parlux 3200 compact purple hairdryer


The Parlux 3200 Compact Purple Haze Hairdryer is the mostly widely used professional hairdryer on the market to date. Featuring a new revolutionary K Lamination motor, it’s even lighter, more durable and features a 1900w motor.

Parlux 385 lightweight pink hairdryer

The Parlux PowerLight 385 Hairdryer in Hot Pink allows you to create the ultimate glamourous blowdry. With a K-LAMINATION® 2150W motor and built-in silencer, this dryer is both quiet and powerful to make blow drying quicker and more effective.

Parlux advance light green hairdryer


The Parlux Advance Hairdryer in mint green features ionic ceramic technology that guarantees healthy, static-free hair and the built-in silencer makes this dryer the quietest Parlux dryer yet. The weight of all the components is also vastly reduced.

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