Nestled within central London’s bustling Covent Garden is award winning salon Windle & Moodie, voted ‘Best London Hair Salon’ by Timeout.
We caught up with co-founder Paul Windle to discover how the brand evolved from just a salon to a hair care brand stocked in the likes of Space NK, and how the team set themselves apart within London’s creative hairdressing scene.
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Founders of Windle and Moodie, Neil Moodie and Paul Windle
Paul began his career at Vidal Sassoon in the 1980s before opening ‘Windle’ in 1988, carving a reputation synonymous with editorial hairdressing featured in the likes of British Vogue and Elle magazine.
In 2002 he joined forces with Neil Moodie to create the Windle and Moodie brand.
How do you think Windle + Moodie stands apart from it’s competitors?
We spent a great deal of time (28 years) to be the best we can be. Our motto is: “Slower and deeper, rather than faster and cheaper.”
What inspired you to create a salon with an interior as distinctive as Windle + Moodie?
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How did you evolve the business from a hair salon to a brand?
We have been a product business for as long as we have been a salon business.
We began by distributing niche brands and introducing them to the UK. With over 20 years of supplying the industry, it was a natural step to evolve our brand, and create our own haircare product range.
How does Windle + Moodie keep up to date with new hair trends?
Being in central London and constantly involved in the fashion industry means that we are immersed in an ever-changing evolution.
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What do you think are the attributes that make a successful salon?
Great reception, great stylists, great trainees.
How do you see the business of hairdressing evolving over the next decade or so?
What I would not like to see is perpetual dependence of what essentially are independent businesses, being dominated by big corporates. I like to see salons being the captains of their ship, being in control of their future.
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What can we expect from Windle + Moodie in 2017?
Lots of great hair and products.
How have you been the driving force behind the success of Windle and Moodie?
Weaving the fabric of the brand, creating the vision and setting the pace.
How do you stay innovative and competitive within the London salon scene?
Never look at the competition.
 What sets Windle and Moodie products aside from other salon products? 
Our products have been created without a marketing plan, with independent chemists working tirelessly to make them the best they can be.

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