St Patrick’s Nail Design from Julie-Anne Larivière using Gellux

GELLUX nail technician Julie-Anne Larivière (@Juya_duranie89) has been test driving nail art techniques and has created this spectacular St Patrick’s Day nail design, featuring a four leaf clover, to coincide with Monday’s festivities.

GELLUX gel polishes are an innovative, light-cured nail colour that offers a longer-lasting alternative to traditional air-dry nail polish. Designed to apply like a polish but wear like a gel, the patented technologies within the GELLUX formulation promotes excellent adhesion and wear properties, while still allowing for removal by soaking in acetone. Suitable for use on a natural nail, nail extension system, Acrylics or Fibreglass, GELLUX polishes last up to fifteen days and are UV and LED compatible.

1. Prep nail and wipe with GELLUX Prep & Wipe, then apply GELLUX Fast Bond.

2. Apply Base Coat, cure.

3. Apply GELLUX Purely White, cure. Followed by a second coat of GELLUX Purely White, cure.

4. Create the four leaf clover using Spring Greens and a fine brush and cure.

5. Add the details on the leaves using Lime Sorbet and cure.

6. Paint the orange part of the Irish flag; try Orange Fizz, leaving a little gap around the clover lead and cure. Apply a second coat and cure.

7. Mix Spring Greens with a little Lime Sorbet. Paint the green part of the flag leaving a little gap around the clover leaf again, cure. Apply a second coat, cure.

8. Apply Top Coat, cure. Wipe with GELLUX Prep & Wipe and apply cuticle oil.lime and orange