There are many potential revenue streams to facilitate when it comes to running your salon business, and it is therefore very important to ensure that you utilise all of your resources.

We recently touched upon the importance of effectively merchandising your retail stock in order to boost your salon profitability, and whilst this is an important factor, it is not the only approach in making money through stock.

Your staff are the lifeblood of your salon, developing relationships with clients and providing them with a great service to keep them on your books. Your staff are generally very well trusted by their clients which means they have an established opportunity to sell. It is, however, important to be mindful that there is a very fine line between seeming too pushy and effectively selling retail products to clients, so ensuring your staff are trained in the right way is essential.

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Consider your client’s journey within your salon…

Start by thinking about the various staff members your client will interact and communicate with during their time in your salon. Carefully consider the steps that your client makes from checking in with your front desk receptionist right through to them leaving your salon. Educate the relevant staff members who will interact with your client to sell accordingly if it is appropriate to do so.

Educate your staff often…

Never miss an opportunity to sell by ensuring that your staff are thoroughly educated on all of the retail products that your salon carries. This not only betters your service offering as your staff know which is the most appropriate product for their client, but also from a knowledge point of view. If your stylists or therapists are competent in talking about products, they are more likely to build the trust of their client and incentivise them to buy.

Think about it; the time spent at the shampoo bowl or at the nail station is the perfect opportunity to acquaint your client with the products you are using. Tell them what the products will do to help them.

Position the process as an education for your client – your staff can advise your clients on the products they are using and why. A tactile approach is also recommended. By letting your client engage and interact with the products, you are making them familiar with something they may want to buy, rather than going in for a blind sell.

Recommending a solution is also always effective. For example, if your client’s hair is need of restoration, then use the best restorative treatment on their hair and let them experience the results – this is a brilliant non-invasive technique in up-selling retail products.

Give your clients a reason to buy…

It’s common knowledge that customers are much more incentivised to purchase if they feel they are getting something for free. So with that in mind, we recommend starting a loyalty programme that can be upsold by your front desk receptionist when clients are leaving. Your loyalty programme could reward customers with cash discounts on their retail purchases and cause them to be interested in trying other products in order to receive the perks.

Choose products that you truly believe in…

Once you choose to only sell products that you personally believe in, selling them then becomes a recommendation. The idea of retailing within your salon becomes a lot easier and more enjoyable if your staff are truly passionate about the products they are working with and using on a daily basis.

It is also worth noting that you too need to set your expectations on retail sales and targets when you hire your staff. By doing this you are eliminating any confusion and making it clear what your position on staff sales is.

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Reward your staff’s performance…

Commision can be a great way to incentivise your staff to push retail products, and there are many ways that you can set this up, from a full scheme to a more casual and friendly weekly or monthly competition.

An effective staff sales strategy combined with the right visual merchandising can be the difference between your salon making an extra consistent profit on top of services. It is therefore imperative that you utilise the opportunity to sell retail products.

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