The stiletto nail has never been more on trend, with celebs like Jessie J, Nicole Scherzinger and Beyonce rocking the look. Do you offer this service to your clients? How can you get more of them on board?

Technically speaking, the length of the extension needs to be 2.5 times the length of the nail bed, otherwise it starts to slip into “almond nail” territory instead of stiletto. However this isn’t a very practical look outside of nail competitions, and so you need to reach some sort of compromise to be able to offer this style in the salon.

The biggest challenge that you face is clients thinking that the stiletto nail will be hard to work with, but actually most people say they are easier than square tip enhancements which have 2 corners to catch and knock on things! However, if your client isn’t used to wearing any enhancements or having long nails, they might be better to compromise with more of an almond shape until they are used to wearing their nails longer.

There are 2 ways to create a stiletto nail; sculpting over a nail form or by applying a tip. Every nail tech has a preference of whether they prefer to sculpt or apply a tip, but if you choose tips then make sure you use one that is created especially for extended lengths.

The stiletto nail is a great trend, and one which is set to be around for a good few years yet. Check out our top tips for creating the perfect stiletto:

  • Make sure the free edge is the same length as the length of the nail bed to create a balanced stiletto nail
  • Allow yourself extra time on a client who wants stiletto nails, because it takes a minimum of 2 hours to perfect the shape (make sure you charge for this accordingly)
  • Infills will also take more time to complete and will need to be every 2 weeks or so, so make sure you account for this when rebooking clients in