Summer’s coming, which can mean big business for your salon!

Everyone strives to look their best when heading on holiday, which is where our salons and spas come in to help make their client’s beach beautiful.

There are many people willing to pay money to ensure that when they are by the beach they stand out for the right reasons! Noella Gabriel Director of Product and Treatment Development at Elemis says, “Skin works on a 21 day cycle so 3 weeks before a holiday is perfect timing to boost your beauty regime, maximising on skin conditioning and renewal. The body responds very quickly and the skin can be conditioned to give that ‘cared for’ look before sporting a bikini or sun dress.” With this in mind, now is a great time to start marketing many of your treatments towards this particular market!


One main treatment which is very popular amongst holiday goers is the tan! No one wants to look pasty and pale, like they’ve just stepped off the plan- which is why many people opt for a spray tan before jetting off!

We are always reminded about the importance of exfoliating pre-tan. Exfoliating simply polishes the skin removing any old self-tan and the remnants of body oils and lotions- this can reduce streaking. Therefore a gentle scrub will leave the skin as a blank canvas for tan, creating an even finish!

Whichever sunless tanning option your clients opt for enables you to retail other skincare products to them, such as oil free moisturisers and exfoliation products.

Hair removal

Summer time should bring clients running to your salon for hair removal treatments. Whether it’s the thought of bearing all in a bikini on holiday, or simply pulling out those summer dresses, be prepared. Look at promoting a wider range of bikini hair removal treatments in order to take advantage of this fact. A simple bikini line treatment will solve most problems, but clients becoming increasingly interested by Hollywood and Brazilian treatments too.

It is also important to remember that hair removal is no longer the domain of women; this may be an ideal time to begin offering this treatment to male clients too.


It is important to ensure your client looks and feels beautiful from head to toe, which is why a pedicure can prove a big hit in your salon. Clients are kicking off those winter boots and slipping on their summer sandals. Painted or gel toe nails, the removal of hard skin and a luxury massage can make the world of difference to a client. They will feel refreshed and revived thanks to their new flip-flop-fabulous feet.

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