The Wella True Colour Equation works on the following basis:

Cool + Cool + Warm
Warm + Warm + Cool


TIP! Working with the shade and tone numbering system is a great way to train your mind to automatically know what is the right choice to achieve beautiful colour results.

“It’s a look that reveals nuances of cool softness with the flexibility of easy change for clients.”
Sonya Dove, Global Creative Artist


Sunkissed Winter Blonde Look



Colour formulas:

A Magma /8 + Welloxon Perfect 6%
B Blondor Freelights + Blondor Freelights Developer 6%
C Illumina Color 10/93 + Welloxon Perfect Pastel + Wella Professionals Care Post



Step 1: Section hair as shown into 7 small triangles around the hat line, 3 either side of the head and 1 section below the back of back section. Remaining hair was braided to isolate.


Step 2: Apply formula A in the triangle sections 5cm away from the roots with a triangle shape brush stroke. Isolate with foil.


Step 3: Release the 2 braids in the fringe and hairline/temple areas. Apply formula B using freehand V brush stroke, repeat other side.


Step 4: Develop until sufficient lift has been achieved. Rinse, shampoo and condition with Blondor Seal and Care. Towel dry the hair and apply colour formula C, develop for 5 minutes and remove in the normal manner.



Step 1: Elevate the top section and point cut to the desired length.


Step 2: Use a razor to create the fringe length and to blend the side and back length together softly.


Step 3: Take vertical sections working around the head, point cut and connect the top layers to the back and sides. Finally slice cut through the ends to add light texture.



Step 1: Apply EIMI Perfect Me BB Lotion for smoothness and delicate shine, follow with Boost Bounce on towel dried hair to add extra bounce to the hair.


Step 2: Blow-dry the hair using several medium round brushes in different directions to create disrupted bouncy movement.

Step 3: Finish the look with a small amount of EIMI Grip Cream Brazillian Carnauba Wax for a modern and flexible finish. Hold the look with EIMI Stay Styled.

At home care:
Oil Reflections regime