We previously discussed taking on an apprentice in your salon, touching upon everything from funding an apprenticeship to the benefits of taking on an apprentice.

Here we talk to Mark Woolley at Electric Hairdressing about their experience with apprentices within their salons and how apprentices have helped shape their salon image.




What is the thought process behind Electric Hair taking on apprentices, and when did the scheme first begin?

The thought process behind this is our own experience! Electric was built from the ground with a strong ethos surrounding education. I trained in a salon myself and believes this is vital to my success in understanding the trade.


What are the benefits of taking on apprentices within the business?

The benefits are that you are able to teach people who are in a working environment so they can get to grips with things a lot easier and interact with clients.


Do you have any advice for independent hair salons wanting to take on apprentices?

I would advise them to do it! It is so important to take a chance on young people and give them the opportunity to grow in this creative industry.


What are the typical apprentice roles that Electric Hair take on?

An apprentice in our salons will be in the salon as much as any of our other stylists and front of house managers. That way they will learn the ropes of the general workings of the salon from all angles. They will be there to assist the stylists and observe their technique in between their individualised training sessions.


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What does a typical day for an apprentice at Electric Hair look like?

An apprentice will generally work in the salon. However, there will be times when they are working on photoshoots, video shoots or backstage at runway shows, so it’s not uncommon for them to have quite a varied experience at Electric.


What do you look for in a candidate wanting to become an apprentice?

Enthusiasm, passion towards creativity and a willingness to learn. This is an industry for those who are hungry to be the best they can be and work hard to gain opportunities.


How do you think apprentices are benefitting / shaping the hairdressing scene?

The apprentices come in with fresh ideas and because they are new to the industry, they have a way of thinking which means they do not consider the restrictions of budget or time and come up with some great ideas for both our brand and styling. This shapes the future of hairdressing as a business, but also hair fashion.


Do you have any success stories that you can share from an apprentice training with Electric Hair?

When I work in the salon on a Saturday, I had a trainee who would work as my assistant, and she is now a principle stylist and works the London Fashion Week circuit with the brand.


How do you recruit apprentices? And how can a budding hairdresser get involved?

We recruit throughout the year and all it takes is an email, if you send us an email and a bit about yourself to careers@electric-hair.com we can find you a place at Electric!


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