The development and success of your salon business depends almost entirely on the people that you employ. We have previously detailed the key roles you need to hire in your salon, highlighting the importance of finding engaging front of house staff, as well as talented stylists and therapists who bring something dynamic and innovative to your salon.

Whilst finding staff with salon experience and a proven track record to achieve targets is important and desirable, discovering and nurturing an enthusiastic new talent in the form of an apprentice will ultimately help carry your salon business into the future.

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What is an apprenticeship and how can I host an apprentice in my salon?

An apprenticeship provides hands-on, vocational training to budding new stylists or therapists aimed 16 and over. A standard apprenticeship can last anywhere between 12 to 18 months, or possibly even longer depending on the level of qualification the apprentice is studying for and the circumstances of your salon business.

Throughout an apprenticeship within your salon, your apprentice stylist or therapist will accompany their work-based learning with studying whilst they work towards a nationally recognised qualification.

Funding an apprenticeship..

Depending on your business, 100% of funding could be available to you as a salon owner looking to take on an apprentice.

If you are thinking of employing a 16-18 year old apprentice, the government will contribute the full cost of training. For 19-23 year olds, the government will contribute 50% of the funding towards the cost of training.

To employ an apprentice, the government offers a step by step framework. We recommend visiting the official government website for more information on the process of employing an apprentice in your salon business and how to secure funding.

The benefits of taking on an apprentice in your salon…

When taking on an apprentice, you are ultimately positioning your salon as a centre of skill, growth and development. This will also give your salon a more positive corporate image to attract possible employees and clients, as well as potential investors from a business point of view.

An increase in team performance and a sense of community is also likely to develop within your salon when an apprentice is taken on. Your staff members are likely to want to help nurture your apprentice, championing them to do well. In turn, your apprentice will feel they are developing sufficiently and are more likely to stay with your business long term.

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It is worth noting that apprentice roles are not limited to becoming a stylist or a therapist. They can be tailored to other roles in the salon, such as front of house staff or stock and retail management.

Whatever the needs of your business, you can decide where you would like to nurture and develop expertise. Apprentices can provide you with the skill and professionalism that your salon needs to be prepared for the future.

It is important that you make an informed decision when it comes to hiring an apprentice in your salon. If you do decide to take on an apprentice, you may well develop a competitive advantage as you nurture an individual with the talent and passion to become the next top stylist or therapist.

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