If you are a nail tech, you know how important it is to keep on top of your game by learning the latest trends and techniques. In fact, if you see a new nail design you like the look of, you probably can’t wait to try it out yourself!

So, if you’ve got some downtime on your hands, finding some cool new nail art tutorials could be just what you need. Luckily and thanks to social media, it’s never been easier to be inspired by the nail art designs of others – a quick look through Youtube and Instagram and you will find thousands of nail art tutorials!

To help you out, we’ve picked out a few of our favourite tutorials with products you can find right here at Salons Direct – so you can get creative as easily as possible!

Acrylic Nails Tutorials with Nails by Annabel

The talent behind the amazing Glitterbels acrylic nail range, Nails by Annabel has a whole trove of nail art tutorials for professionals to get stuck into. From flawless marble nail art to out-there unicorn nail tutorials, head to her Youtube account to find some nail art designs that will blow your clients away.

Here’s just a taster of our favourites…

Pink Marble Nail Tutorial

Who isn’t mesmerised by marble nail designs? Using Glitterbels acrylic powders that blend together seamlessly, watch as Annabel combines glitter, ombre and marble effects to create a super girly set. Find everything you need in the Glitterbels Core Acrylic Powder range to join in with this acrylic nail tutorial.

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Glitter Nails Tutorials

If you want to perfect your glitter nail designs, Nails by Annabel will be your new best friend. Her acrylic nail tutorials are packed with all types of sparkles and embellishments, but if you want to start with something simple, this video is ideal. Using Glitterbels Peacherbel and Glitterbels Glass Slippers, along with a few sprinkles of glitter, watch this tutorial to learn a design all clients will love to show off in the salon.

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Galaxy Nail Art Designs

If you run a nail salon, you’ve surely had your fair share of clients asking for galaxy nail art designs! Luckily, you can find plenty of youtube nail tutorials to help you expand your knowledge of this sky-high trend.

If you are looking for an acrylic tutorial, Nails by Annabel of course has an elaborate video for those who are ready to take their nail designs to another level. If you don’t have all the products used in the video, you could try altering it slightly to use the technique on a smaller scale. You can also use any colours of your choice from the Glitterbels Coloured Acrylic Powder and Glitterbels Pre-Mixed Glitter ranges.

For a simpler gel nails tutorial you can still create a magnificent galaxy nail design using Halo Gel Polish. Making use of their Cats Eye formula and magnets to create an easy yet otherworldly effect, there’s nothing stopping you recreating this design.

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Butterfly Nail Art Tutorials

Last summer, Kylie Jenner shared a snap on Instagram with some 90s-inspired butterfly nail art and a new trend was born.

If you have some Kardashian obsessed clients who would love this nail art design, Kiara Sky has put together a nail art youtube tutorial to help you execute this look immaculately. Using Glam and Glits acrylics for the nail base and Kiara Sky gel polish to paint on the butterfly details, why not try this nail art tutorial out for yourself?

Gel Nails Tutorials

It’s not just acrylic nails that can create amazing nail art designs. There are plenty of gel nails tutorials out there, too. With the Halo Gel Nails range, you can create some stunning designs – take a look at their Youtube for some gel nails tutorials you will just have to try out!

We love this simple bloom effect nail tutorial that you can recreate with any colours you like from your gel polish collection.

If you really want to get arty, take a look at this leopard and cheetah spot gel nail tutorial. You’ll need a steady hand and a good nail art brush to get the hang of this design properly. You can even get creative and try out different animals, too.

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Ombre and French Ombre Nail Tutorials

Ombre nail art designs offer a simple way to elevate your client’s nails – you just need to get the knack of them, then you have a whole world of nail art to play with.

Ombre nails can be created out of both gel and acrylic or even regular nail polish. But, how about trying them out with Kiara Sky’s dip powder?

In this nail art tutorial, see how simple yet stunning ombre french nails are created – surely a new staple for many of your clients.

If you want an ombre nail tutorial that puts your skills to the test more, then you can of course turn to Nails by Annabel again. This peach ombre nail tutorial is one of the most popular on her Youtube account, adding some sparkle in with the seamless fades that so many nail techs love Glitterbels for.

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