The nail care industry is one of the fastest-changing in the world of beauty. Clients are now looking for personalised nail art and impressive nail extensions that show off their individuality.

However, as ever, it is still important to get the basics right! Here at Salons Direct, we stock a top-quality range of nail files, buffers and accessories that ensure you are properly equipped to do your best work.

Do you need to stock up on any manicure essentials? Running low on your most-used supplies? Take a look at our best selling nail accessories at Salons Direct now…

Barbicide Solution for Salon Hygiene

We all know the importance of salon hygiene. When working with nails, all equipment must be kept completely clean and germ-free. If you don’t, nasty nail infections can spread, which is the last thing you want for your clients.

Our best selling barbicide solution might not be glamorous, but it is a must-have in your nail salon. Perfect for preventing cross-contamination between clients and tools, you can disinfect your whole kit safely. Proven to kill germs and bacteria to hospital standard, it’s the best way to ensure your clients are safe in your salon.

Our Bestselling Nail Polish Removal Accessories

Using acetone nail polish remover is the quickest and easiest way to strip clients’ nails of an old manicure. Our Lotus Acetone 4 Litre bottle is cost-effective and high-quality, allowing you to easily dissolve most types of artificial nails and nail polishes.

Use it to soak off gel nail polish with our foil wraps…

Use our Lotus Acetone with our Magis Gel Foil Nail Wraps to easily soak-off gel polish nails. Available in large packs of 500, they feature a fixed, absorbent pad, which allows you to reduce your acetone use by up to 50%. Alternatively, add a drop of cuticle nail oil inside to give your client a deeper moisturising treatment.

…And finish with a wipe to prep for the next manicure

Once you have removed your client’s previous manicure, you want to make sure you prep properly for their new one. Use our Deo Lint-Free Nail Wipes to remove any residue between adding coats of polish.

We stock packs of 200 with multibuy offers, so you can stock-up in the most cost-effective way.

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Our Bestselling Nail Files

Looking for the best nail files to stock your salon with? Here at Salons Direct, we have some fantastic options that offer great value for money – as well as delivering high-quality results.

The NSI Durafiles 100 Grit is an excellent multi-purpose product. They are suitable for use on all nail services, from natural nails to gel nails. They also last up to four times longer than regular files and are available in handy packs of 10.

If you want something with more power for use on artificial nails, the Sibel Electric Nail Filing Tool is a best seller at Salons Direct – with a near-perfect review score, too! It comes with a five-piece set of drill bits, with both a forward and reverse function. Don’t forget, you will need to disinfect each piece after use with your barbicide solution.

Our Best Moisturising Cuticle Oil

Proper cuticle care makes all the difference to a manicure. Kaseo Juicy Drops Cuticle Oil is another top-rated and best-selling product here at Salons Direct. Specially formulated to nourish and hydrate dry or damaged cuticles, it also smells delicious! At just £1.85 for a handy 15ml bottle, you can easily equip your salon with as many as you need.

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