Here at Salons Direct, we stock a fantastic range of perming lotions and accessories to help you give your clients exactly what they’re looking for whether it’s a traditional perm or an on-trend curly shag.
Yes, that’s right the perm is back! And if you’re looking for innovative products to help you create beautiful perms, we recommend trying out the following perming products from our coveted collection.

The Best Professional Perming Products 2018…


These excellent value twin packs from Schwarzkopf offer a 1-litre bottle of Schwarzkopf’s Natural Styling Hydrowave Classic perm and a litre of Neutraliser. Schwarzkopf Natural Styling Classic is available in 3 strengths:

And the sciency bit? This classic perm lotion combines the strengthening and restructuring effect of hydrolysed keratin with the moisturising power of Schwarzkopf’s Hydrowave technology, to create long-lasting curls up to 12 weeks.

Discover Biolife from Goldwell. Within our collection of perming solutions from Goldwell, we stock the Biolife 2 Tinted/bleached hair solution, the Biolife 1 Normal/Fine solution and the Biolife Resistant / Coarse hair treatment. So whatever kind of hair your client has, be sure to have the perming solutions available for each and every variable!


For traditional perm clients looking to achieve a tighter curl, discover L’Oreal Dulcia Advanced Force 2 Tonique Sensitised Hair and the L’Oreal Dulcia Advanced Force 1 Tonique – Natural Hair – ideal for creating strong, classic curls with plenty of shine!

And don’t forget about perming accessories…

Stock up on all the essentials to create the perfect perm with our Perm Rods which come in packs of 12 and in a variety of different colours, as well as Ringlets End Papers which come in packs of 200! So what are you waiting for? Stock up now!

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