It’s been a long winter, or at least it felt like a long winter! Nevertheless, better days are ahead. In spring and the summer months, we welcome longer daylight hours, warmer temperatures, outdoor dining, staycations, and best of all – the slow return of normality! 


Now that warmer seasons are upon us, your clients may want to revamp their current beauty routine or even a complete beauty transformation! Most of us can’t wait to update our beauty looks, find the latest trends, and get our hair appointments booked. 

As we look ahead into the brighter seasons, here are 5 Spring/Summer beauty trends to watch in 2021.

The Spray Tan 

People have been stuck indoors for months, and with holidays abroad this year still under question, a natural tan could be harder to achieve for some. With warmer days ahead, summer fashion, and the chance to see familiar faces once again, it’s no surprise that people will want to show up looking their best. After all, there’s no better feeling than having your skin looking naturally glowy, radiant, and sun-kissed. 

Offering a service such as in-house spray tanning or even a range of available to purchase tanning products for home use, allows your salon to offer your clients an alternative to sunbeds, as this method is not suitable for everyone due to health considerations.

Return of The Copper

This is an exciting one for practitioners who love to work on something different! We’ve identified real popularity arising with copper hair, and it’s still growing. Seen on celebrities and social media users alike, the warm, dazzling, and radiant tones are making a real comeback. The fiery aesthetic seems to be popular due to the warmer days ahead, and people are more eager than ever to switch up their look after months of restrictions. 

Jump on this hair trend early by stocking up on flaming copper pigmentations in your salon. Browse our products today – we offer an extensive range of trusted brands that offer brilliant copper tones

The Au Naturel 

The saying “less is more, more is less” comes to mind. As lockdown has allowed the time to perfect skincare routines, we think that this will continue as a beauty trend in Spring and Summer 2021. 

People are feeling less pressure to apply make-up, and embracing the natural look. This doesn’t mean that no products are being used! It means that people are experimenting with different ways of achieving an effortless look. We believe there will be an emphasis on all things glowy, subtle blushes, strong highlights, moisturised lips, and creamy, textured SPF products to give the skin coverage without overdoing it. 

For instance, we believe beauticians will receive more requests for services such as natural-looking eyelash extensions instead of extra voluminous sets. We predict the same trend will follow with brows, with a fuller and less pristine aesthetic that will take shape this Spring/Summer. Check out our full brow and lash stock here

The Chop

It’s safe to say that achieving and maintaining long hair has always been a consistent beauty trend favourite. Growing your hair and keeping it healthy is an achievement in itself, which we think will never really go out of style. But that doesn’t mean new, contradicting trends cannot emerge in the beauty world.  

We predict clients requesting the chop will take your salon by storm this Spring/Summer. This is for many reasons, one being that your clients have not had a haircut in months! This means major build-ups of dead ends and outgrown styles. 

Another potential reason behind this beauty trend could be the urge to reinvent. Think about it. It’s been over a year of sporadic lockdowns, isolation, and social distancing. To overcome this year, it has required a tremendous amount of personal strength. Your clients may feel like a new person and want their look to reflect that. Maybe your clients have thought about changing up their style for years and this has given them the push they needed. After all, there’s always extensions! 

Pixie cuts, bangs, and bobs. Be prepared for it all.  Make sure you’re up to date with all the tools you need to give your clients the best style makeover. 


You knew this one was coming. Last but not least, the return of the blonde. There always tends to be a pattern of people going darker with their hair in the colder months,  and lighter in the warmer months. We predict this year will be no exception. 

We also predict that many different – perhaps all shades of blonde will be asked of you this Spring/Summer. We see icy blondes, ashy blondes, and even brondes in the immediate future. Make sure you have your bleach, toner, and Olaplex at the ready! 

As well as the clients who will be going blonde for the first time, your salon should also be prepared for an extensive backlog of blonde clients who have months’ worth of outgrown full-heads or highlights. We know getting your client to the perfect shade of blonde can take a great deal of patience, technique, and timing. If you’re worried about being a little rusty, don’t be. You’ll have your confidence back in no time. 

There you have it. These are the top 5 beauty trends we expect to see over the Spring and Summer months this year. We hope this helps with preparation!

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