As all nail technicians will know – nail art trends move pretty fast these days. Trying to stay on top of what’s hot can be difficult, as there are just so many designs emerging daily to choose from – and to learn how to create. 

Working as a professional nail tech means that learning new techniques and trends is something that never stops. We know it can be hard to keep up with what to showcase and recommend to your clients, so we’re here to help. 

At Salons Direct we understand just how important it is to know this information, as it not only dictates what skills and techniques to brush up on – it also provides you with the essential insight to forecast what professional tools and products you need to stock up on.

So we’ve done the hard work for you! at Salons Direct, we offer a wide range of professional brands to help you create the best nail art in the game, so we’ll give you some pointers on which brands to trust, along with some current game-changing trends. 

We want to show you exactly what to expect, so in this instance, pictures speak more than words. Read on to find out the top  nail art trends, along with some amazing brands to help you create high-quality nail art…

Coloured french tips 

We thought we’d start with the most on-trend look at the moment. Introducing the modern twist on the french tips – coloured french tips!

This look is quite simply everywhere at the moment. The incorporation of the colour adds an interesting edge to the beloved french manicure, and the possibilities are endless! expect patterned tips, block-coloured tips, glitter tips, even multi-coloured tips!

For a little bit of inspiration, we’ve included a picture of this trend below that we shared on our Instagram recently. Created by the talented gels.bytia. 


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If you’ve shied away from intricate detailing with the nail art you create, or you only stick to designs you’ve mastered – we highly recommend practicing this technique. Floral designs aren’t the only trending form of nail art that will require this level of skill. 

On the other hand, if you’re a nail technician who absolutely loves the chance to get creative, you’re going to love the floral trend. There are so many different avenues and floral designs you can choose from and the colour scheme to match this trend is completely adaptable.

For a little inspiration, take a look at the daisy nail art design by one of our experts, Amy Guy.


Although you can never go wrong with a classic french manicure,  it’s no secret that people are beginning to ditch the safer options when it comes to acrylics. You may find that your client base is starting to embrace their more experimental side – because why not, right? 

We’re seeing more and more clients embrace the colourful trends, and with summer now in full swing – neutral and darker tones are out, and bright neon shades are in. 

Expect many client requests for neons –  from bright oranges, electric pinks, and even lime neon greens. You’ve been warned! 


You might have guessed it, as this trend is surfacing in all areas of the beauty industry, including hair and make-up trends. Yep, it’s pastels! 

Pastels are the new nudes. There’s such a simplistic beauty in creating the perfect set of pastel acrylics and there are so many shades to choose from. 

Pastel shades are ultra-versatile and perfect for both day-to-day events and special occasions. So if your client is looking for a professional opinion on a set they can happily wear for any occasion, an elegant pastel shade is the way to go. 

Different shades of pastels also look fantastic paired together, creating a more interesting overall finish. Don’t believe us? Just take a look at this killer set created using the Glossify Spring Collection. 


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Animal print

Next up, we have animal print nails. When we say animal print, we’re leaving it pretty vague on purpose – because you’ll likely find that your requests for different types and prints are going to increase, and pretty significantly. 

Think cow print, leopard print, giraffe print, even snake print. The more interesting, the better! We recommend preparing your stock accordingly to accommodate this trend, and also brushing up on the techniques required for this skill, as it’s ultra-trendy and all the rage right now. 


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Dot detail 

As professionals, you will know that dot detailing in nail art can range from either being a super simple job – or it can require a lot of patience and detailing so that it complements the overall finish. 

One thing you will need, however, is a steady hand and a keen eye for detail. For example, take a look at what nailsbydannimoore created using Glossify products. She really nailed this technique – stunning!


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Classic white 

White nails have always been a classic favourite. It’s a style that’s effortlessly sophisticated and a real “go-to” for indecisive clients. 

So with this nail trend, you’re going all the way back to the basics. But that doesn’t mean that it’s always a walk in the park to achieve the classic finish – make sure that you have your application and shaping technique nailed, as there won’t be any additional detailing to hide behind we’re afraid!


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Yep, we knew you were expecting this one! This year, bling is in. 

With the summer season, come gatherings and special events. Weddings. Formals. Summer balls. Nights out. You get where we’re going – your clients are probably going to dress up, and do so way more often. 

With this nail trend, what professional products you use is going to be very important. You want to create amazing sets for your clients – and you’ll want them to last! 

There’s nothing worse than spending hours creating the most amazing bling acrylic nails for a client – only to get a call a few days later saying that all your hard work has fallen off. 

This is why we always provide and encourage professionals to use the best products on the market, as you could be the best nail technician in the world – but if your products are less than mediocre, it’ll (unfortunately) show in your work. If you’re interested in upgrading your stock, check out our range here.


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Unless you’ve been living under a rock or don’t use social media, you would’ve seen the ’70s have been making a comeback – and a strong one.


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All the funky flares, styles, and patterns have made their way onto every clothing site. Even the mullet is back – so it’s no surprise that 70’s inspired wave nails are hot right now. 


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Professional brands for nail art


Glossify is a professional brand that specialises in acrylic and gel nail products, along with professional salon nail equipment. This is the perfect brand to use if you’re a technician wanting to use inclusive product lines, as Glossify are vegan-friendly and have never tested their products on animals.

Glossify is exclusively reserved for professional use only, allowing salons across the country to offer professionally executed, long-lasting, high-quality nail treatments. 

Glossify offers salon-standard ingredients in their product ranges, allowing professionals to create the best nail artwork time and time again.

Glossify Acrylic Powder 

The Glossify Acrylic Powder is incredibly versatile and perfect for allowing professionals to deliver faultless acrylic sets for clients. The ideal powder to have handy for creating personalised and detailed acrylic nails to suit the preferences of each client – and it’s available in a range of sizes. Key benefits include: 

  • Only available to professionals.
  • Creates flawless acrylic sets. 
  • Versatile. 
  • Ultra-fast development – working time of 50 seconds. 
  • Available in a range of sizes. 
  • Available in a range of shades.
  • Super smooth finish.
  • Superfine finish. 
  • High-quality product.

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Glossify Acrylic Liquids

Glossify offers a range of acrylic liquids, only available for professional use. The Glossify Acrylic Nail Liquid range is a traditional faster set monomer, with additional high-quality ingredients added in to give the best adhesion possible – along with being completely HEMA-free. 

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Glossify Naturabuild Builder Gels 

Lastly, we have the Glossify Naturabuild Builder Gels. The range includes a fantastic selection of ultra-strong base gels. The Glossify Naturabuild Builder Gels are an absolute staple for any nail technician – and are cruelty-free and vegan friendly. 

Key features of the Glossify Naturabuild Builder Gels include: 

  • No need to use a primer or base gel. 
  • Includes high-quality ingredients. 
  • Allows for short to medium extensions over a tip due to the strength of the gel. 
  • Vegan friendly. 
  • Variety of shades available.
  • Cruelty-free. 
  • Increases the natural nail’s ability to grow healthily. 

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If you would like to know more about Glossify and what they can offer you – check out our brand spotlight on Glossify here or browse their products on the Salons Direct website here.


Glitterbels Pre Mixed Glitter Acrylic Powder 

If you liked the look of the bling trend we covered earlier and you want to start creating this type of nail art,  you’ll love using the Glitterbels Pre Mixed Glitter Acrylic Powder to achieve the best sparkle nails in the game. 

As you may have guessed from the name “Glitterbels”, sparkle is a bit of a specialty for this brand. With the Glitterbels Pre Mixed Glitter Acrylic Powder, you won’t have to worry about mixing products as it comes pre-mixed and ready to use straight away. The formula is made to a premium standard, allowing for the most beautiful finishes. 

Key benefits to using the Glitterbels Acrylic Powder include: 

  • The perfect product for techniques such as blending, fading, and designing. 
  • Ultra-pigmented formula. 
  • Versatile acrylic formula. 
  • Easy for the professional to control. 
  • Will complement the skill of a professional. 
  • Will allow for a smooth application every time. 
  • Beautiful finishes. 

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Acrylic Liquids 

If you’re using the Glittebels Acrylic Powders – throw in their acrylic liquids and you’ll have a match made in heaven. Well, a match made in heaven as far as creating nail art goes!

All Glitterbels Acrylic Liquids are specially designed to go hand in hand with their acrylic powders, helping nail techs create the most knockout nail art with ease. 

Another bonus to their acrylic liquids is that they are available either completely odourless, or have a super low odour – so you won’t have to worry about that unpleasant chemical smell circulating through the salon. 

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Last but certainly not least, we have NSI. A real leader in the nail industry, and for good reason. 

NSI pride themselves on creating the most advanced, accessible, and stylist-friendly nail kits for nail techs across the country – providing unbeatable quality in every professional product. 

Acrylic liquids and powders, base coats, premium glitters, and professional kits – you name it, NSI can provide it. Salon-sized and vegan products are also available. 

At Salons Direct, we are proud to offer professionals in the industry the best products on the market, so that you can be proud of the work you do and achieve the best results for your clients. That’s why we are beyond delighted to stock an extensive selection of NSI products. Check out their full range here.

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Last but not least – we couldn’t not include Brillbird!

Brillbird is a fantastic brand that offers an extensive range of professional nail products to nail techs across the UK. All of the Brillbird collections are of a premium standard, perfectly suited for salon use. 

The Brillbird Student Brush Kit 

The Brillbird Student Brush kit is an unbeatable set for nail technicians who are just starting their career – or for professionals who need to upgrade their staples. 

The entire kit contains 11 different synthetic nail brushes, which are specially designed to allow learners to practice and enhance their skills, along with a variety of techniques. 

This Brillbird Student Brush Kit includes:

  • Gel application.
  • Lines. 
  • Shadows. 
  • 3D nail art. 
  • One stroke nails. 
  • Glitter nail application.

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Brillbird Brush & Go Gel Colour Gel

The Brillbird Brush and Go Gel Colour Gel is an ultra-pigmented hard gel – perfect for creating the best nail art. 

The Brush & Go Colour Gels are great for when you’ve got back-to-back appointments, as the product will cover the nail flawlessly with just one layer. The key benefits of the Brush & Go Colour Gel include: 

  • Perfectly covers nails with just one layer. 
  • Premium quality.
  • Ultra-pigmented. 
  • Curing time of only 5 to 90 seconds.
  • Cleansing free. 
  • Glossy finish – no need for top gel.

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Brillbird Dual Holo Glitters

Last but certainly not least – we have the Brillbird Dual Holo Glitters.

The Brillbird Dual Holo Glitters are perfect for nail techs who love getting creative with their nail art designs. The Brillbird Dual Holo Glitters are a collection of professional holographic shining glitter powders, which allow for creating versatile designs that are super pigmented and vibrant.

Key features of the Brillbird Dual Holo Glitters include:

  • A mixture of different-sized glitter grains.
  • Bigger grains create a dominant coverage, and the smaller grains allow for filling the spaces in between for a flawless finish.
  •  Various colour options are available. 
  • Ultra pigmented.
  • Versatile glitter.

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We hope that you’ve enjoyed reading about some of the most popular nail trends in store for this year, along with reading about some great brands you can wholeheartedly trust to complement your skill and work. Be sure to check out the Salons Direct website for more. 

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