Whether you’re wanting to upgrade your current professional equipment, or you’re just starting in your barbering career and feel unsure about what tools are worth investing in – we’re here to help you discover the best barbering equipment that’ll help you create your best work to date. 

We’ve created a list of this year’s must-have barbering tools that we think are essential for barbers. Ready to find out? Read on to discover the best professional barbering tools available on the market right now…

Professional hairdryers

Gama IQ Perfetto Hairdryer 

The Gama IQ Perfetto Hairdryer is the most lightweight professional hairdryer currently available on the market – and it’s ultra high performing. The mixture and balance of innovative design features, high performance, and also the fact that it’s extremely powerful – make this hairdryer pretty close to perfection. 

Key benefits of the Gama IQ Perfetto Hairdryer include:

  • Lightest dryer in the world – 294g. 
  • Intelligent brushless long-life motor – offering 110,000 rpm.
  • Ultra-powerful – 2000 Watts. 
  • 3 speed and 4 temperature settings with 12 configurations available.
  • 2 nozzle attachments and a diffuser included. 
  • Digital control interface and memory function technology.
  • Designed for professional use. 
  • Ergonomic design for ease of use. 
  • Dries hair 30% faster than any other hairdryer. 
  • Ultra-quiet – only 78dB.
  • 3m salon length cord.
  • Oxy Active technology to seal the hair cuticle for colour longevity.
  • Micro-filter to prevent dirt from entering the motor and auto-clean technology to deep clean the filter.
  • 12-month warranty included. 

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Elchim 8th SENSE RUN Hairdryer

Another excellent choice – the Elchim 8th SENSE RUN exclusive to Salons Direct is a must-have in your tool kit!

The Elchim 8th SENSE RUN is ultra innovative – as it’s a brand new generation hairdryer. This professional tool features top-of-the-range technology, such as a brushless digital motor (BLCD) that’s ultra-light and long-lasting, making it the perfect investment for a barber – both mobile and in-house. 

No need to spend too much time on the drying process. This fantastic model by Elchim also reduces drying time dramatically. 

Key features of the Elchim 8th SENSE RUN hairdryer include:

  • Significantly increases the shine of hair. 
  • Healthier-looking hair after use. 
  • Significantly decreases drying time on any hair type or texture. 
  • Ultra-lightweight design. 
  • Long-lasting – over 5,000 hours of use. 
  • Top-of-the-range technology – BLCD motor. 
  • Fantastic heat control system – fully adjustable to suit any hair type or texture. 

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Professional trimmers

Babyliss PRO Cordless Skeleton Trimmer

For this year’s must-have trimmer, we have the incredible Babyliss PRO Cordless Skeleton Trimmer. 

This professional trimmer by Babyliss is a heavy-duty addition, featuring an extra-wide Japanese steel t-blade and a completely adjustable zero-gap feature, allowing for up-close trimming, outlining, and detailing. 

The Babyliss PRO Cordless Skeleton Trimmer is the perfect professional tool for complementing your work by allowing perfect precision in every technique that you do. The trimmer also features a high-torque brushless motor, accompanied by top-of-the-range lithium-ion battery technology – allowing you to work with completely uninterrupted high-powered use for over 120 minutes. 

Key features of the Babyliss PRO Cordless Skeleton include: 

  • Oil and cleaning brush included. 
  • Charging and storage band included.
  • Guaranteed high power performance. 
  • Cord or cordless control. 
  • Japanese steel blades that are specially designed to engineer unbeatable precision. 
  • Extra-wide T-blade with zero gap function included. 
  • Lithium-ion battery technology for a fully sustained power performance.
  • 120 mins usage from just a 3-hour charge.
  • High-torque brushless motor for long-lasting power and speed. 

Babyliss PRO Cordless Skeleton Trimmer

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Professional clippers 

Wahl Cordless Super Taper Clipper 

To start, we have the Wahl Cordless Super Taper Clipper – one of our best-sellers across the board. The Wahl Cordless Super Taper Clipper is the new version of the classic Super Taper, with a variety of brand-new useful features. These include: 

  • Mains/rechargeable function allows absolutely no restriction to the professional. 
  • Cordless, with the option to use whilst plugged in. 
  • Lithium-ion battery – 90 minutes of interrupted run time. 
  • 180-minute charge only. 
  • Professional and stylish design. 
  • Uses existing combs for optimum convenience
  • The ideal tool for all clipper work. 

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Andis Supra ZR ll Cordless Detachable Blade Clipper 

Next up, we have the Andis Supra ZR II Detachable Blade Clipper. This professional tool is completely cordless, with a wide range of useful features that you’ll wonder how you managed without. The Andis Supra ZR II Detachable Blade Clipper’s key features include: 

  • 3 hours of completely interrupted run time. 
  • Only 2 hours for a full charge. 
  • Removable battery – for quick and easy replacement. 
  • Stylish and professional design. 
  • Ceramic blades for a cooler run that maintains much-needed sharpness. 
  • 5 separate speed settings. 
  • Ultra-fast – 1800 to 3800 strokes per minute. 

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Wahl 5 Star Cordless Senior Clipper Kit

Last but certainly not least, the Wahl 5 Star Cordless Senior Clipper Kit is one you won’t want to miss out on. 

The Wahl 5 Star Cordless Senior Clipper Kit has the most powerful motor in a cordless clipper. In addition, it can generate an even higher blade speed with increased torque to allow the professional even more cutting power. This incredible tool also contains innovative lithium-ion battery technology, whilst also maintaining its lightweight and power functions. Key features include: 

  • Stylish and professional design. 
  • Most powerful cordless clipper. 
  • Completely adjustable blade options. 
  • Adjustable taper lever for incredible flexibility.
  • Expertly engineered for professional use. 
  • 10 premium combs included – that are 70% stronger than average combs. 
  • Rounded teeth for smoother results. 
  • Thin profile blade for the best close cutting results. 
  • Blade guard included. 
  • Lithium-ion battery technology. 


Wahl 5 Star Cordless Senior Clipper Kit

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Professional shavers

Babyliss Pro Titanium Foil Shaver

To start, we have the incredibly efficient Babyliss Pro Titanium Foil Shaver. 

This professional shaver by Babyliss has been well thought out, with the professional at the forefront of the design process. This is a heavy-duty dual foil shaver, allowing for the best precision when it comes to blading and fading for clients. If you’re looking for a new shaver you can depend on – the Babyliss Pro Titanium Foil Shaver is for you. 

Key features include:

  • Sleek and stylish design. 
  • Well thought out design for professional use.
  • Heavy-duty. 
  • Allows for incredible blending and fading precision. 
  • Hypoallergenic titanium foils. 
  • Ultra-fine foils. 
  • Perfect for close-cut finishes. 
  • Ultra-powerful. 
  • High performance that’s sustainable no matter the charge. 
  • Cord or cordless option. 
  • 3 hour charge time. 
  • 180 minutes of uninterrupted power. 

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Andis TS-1 Copper Edition Shaver

Another fantastic option, we have the Andis TS-1 Copper Edition Shaver. 

The copper ergonomic design makes this shaver look effortlessly professional, whilst also including a variety of incredibly useful features – perfect for professional use. The shaver contains a golden titanium hypoallergenic foil for a discomfort-free shaving experience, no matter how close up you get. Key features include: 

  • PVD plating – ultra scratch and wear-resistant. 
  • Cord or cordless option. 
  • Professional and ergonomic design. 
  • Copper edition. 
  • Effortlessly removes unwanted stubble. 
  • Fantastic fade results. 
  • Gold titanium hypoallergenic foil. 
  • Optimum comfort on the job for the professional and the client. 
  • Staggered head blades for close-up jobs. 

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Professional scissors and combs 

Dark Stag DS Offset Barber Scissor 6 inch

If you’re looking for a pair of professional scissors – you can’t go wrong using the Dark Stag DS Offset Barber Scissors (6 inches). Completely reliable for everyday use. 

The brand new Dark Stag DS Offset Barber Scissors offer professional, incredibly hard-to-beat precision, so you can rely on these scissors to compliment your work every time. These professional scissors are also available in 7 inches.

The design of these professional scissors allows for hand and arm work in a more comfortable position, reducing the chance of unnecessary strain. In addition, the scissors are effortlessly silent, with a completely smooth tension system.

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YS Park Combs

Last, but certainly not least, no barber’s equipment kit is complete without YS Park Combs. This brand has a product range that is meticulously designed by other professionals in the game, offering expert precision. 

YS Park’s combs are designed in Japan, with every product guaranteed to deliver professional quality. YS Park combs are used by stylists across the globe, as they offer a premium selection of dependable and functional professional assets. 

If you’re interested in investing in assets that will take your work to new heights, we strongly recommend checking out what YS Park combs have to offer. You’ll be able to find these professional accessories in the YS Park combs range: 

  • Backcombing combs.
  • Barbering combs. 
  • Clipper combs 
  • Professional clips. 
  • Comb sets. 
  • Cutting combs. 
  • Pintail combs. 

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We hope that you’ve found this article on this year’s must-have barber tools useful. As we only offer professionals the best, everything mentioned above is now available here at Salons Direct – so be sure to check out our website to grab the latest professional equipment. 

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