Your salon might have reopened, but that doesn’t mean that it is quite business as usual at this point!

Yes, there have been many new challenges for salons and barber shops to face. But, one that seems to be causing the most irritation is wearing PPE while working.

While it might be uncomfortable, wearing salon PPE is essential for not only keeping your clients safe from Covid-19, but your staff, too.

So, if your team is struggling to wear their PPE properly due to discomfort, see if these tips can help…

1. Find a good quality visor

The current government guidelines for hair salons, beauty salons and barbershops is that staff working less than 2 metres away from clients must wear a face visor or shield to reduce the risk of spreading infection.

One of the biggest issues many people have found with wearing one though, is a fogged up screen – which can be really problematic when you need to see exactly what you are doing!

To prevent this, make sure you invest in a good quality visor with a fog-resistant shield, like the SuperGuardPRO face shield. They also feature a self-adjusting headband with a latex-free foam pad to help reduce the tension on your head.

If you are still experiencing annoying fog, look for an anti-fogging spray – this is particularly useful if you wear glasses, too.

2. Look out for breathable masks

Similarly, face masks can cause all kinds of issues and discomfort for salon stylists and beauticians.

See what issues your team are experiencing when wearing a face mask and see if there is another preferable type out there. If they are finding it hard to see over the mask, try and find some with a wire strip at the top so they can adjust it to their face contour.

It’s also helpful to find a type that is as breathable as possible. Our Salons Direct Fabric Face Masks offer a good air flow and have a comfortable fit.

3. Give the team some options

Unfortunately, PPE is really not one size fits all! While one member of the team might have no problem with the masks you’ve bought, someone else might find they don’t fit their face so well.

Listen to your staff and if possible, provide a couple of different options for them to choose from.

4. Keep organised

Nothing will make you more frustrated with your PPE than having to search for supplies when kitted out in a visor, mask and gloves!

Try and make sure that everyone has what they need at their station ready for the next client so they can get straight to work.

5. Take regular breaks

Most hairdressers are probably used to having to sacrifice a break for a client, but it’s more important than ever before to try and take that time to recharge.

Even if it’s just for five minutes, make sure everyone has the chance to take off their PPE, masks and visors and get some fresh air. A few deep breaths and a good stretch can help release some of the tension you might feel wearing PPE in the salon all day.

6. Keep hydrated

It’s easy to forget to drink in the salon at the best of times – when you’re busy all day, your bottle of water will often fall to the wayside!

But, with a mask and visor getting in your way, keeping hydrated is even harder. Without enough water, you can start to get headaches, feel tired easily and even start becoming dizzy or lightheaded.

Try and encourage everyone in the salon to grab some water between appointments. Why not treat your team to a new water bottle with time markings on to motivate everyone to take care of themselves?

7. Stay cool

When you’re wearing masks, gloves and visors, it’s easy to start feeling the heat – literally!

Think about what you wear to the salon and advise the team to opt for lightweight, comfortable clothing that doesn’t add to the discomfort.

Keep windows and doors open when you can, too – not only does this help with ventilation to reduce the risk of transmission, but can help your staff get some fresh air throughout the day.

8. Treat yourself

When you get home, make sure everyone gives themselves time to relax and unwind.

If your hands are dry from washing or wearing gloves, get yourself an intensive hand cream or hand mask. Why not give yourself a little hand massage while you’re at it? The Skin Republic Nourishing Avocado Hand Mask and Kaeso Cranberry Sensation Hand Treatment Cream can help revive dry skin.

After wearing a mask all day, take the time to give your face a thorough cleanse to remove any build up of oil or dirt that can clog pores and cause the dreaded ‘mascne’. Treat yourself to some skincare products, such as the Kaeso Pink Clay Mask and Kaeso Hot Cloth Cleanser, and kick back for a pampering session.

At the end of the day, be sure you give yourself a good night’s sleep, too. The last thing you need when you have another busy shift is to be tired, so do what you can to clear your mind, relax, and hit the pillow early.

7. Be kind

Finally, a little understanding can go far in helping everyone feel more comfortable when wearing their salon PPE.

Remember, this is a new way of working for the whole team. While some might deal well with the challenges, others could be feeling more stressed or anxious in their new surroundings.

Be understanding and allow everyone in the team the time they need to adjust. Don’t forget that any staff member could also be facing difficulties outside the salon – ill family members or financial problems at home, for example, could also be adding to their stress.

This is a time when your team can really come together and support each other, so being there for each other is more important than ever before.

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