We asked you to post your embarrassing moments in the salon on our Facebook page the other week, and we had some hilarious stories! Read below for the Top Ten most embarrassing, as voted by us at Salons Direct!

10. Denise Coates:

Many years ago after I qualified as a stylist and during my first hair cut when I was trying to impress the boss, I sectioned the hair off with the big grips and began my cut. After a couple of checks from the boss he said, “crack on, you’re doing a great job.” Feeling really pleased with myself, the client asked if I thought the boss would be back round to check on me. I said I didn’t think so from what he had said, my client then said, “that’s good love, do you think you could take my skin out of the grips, I know I need a face lift but that just confirms it!” The poor client had been sat there with a lump of skin in the big grips I was using and hadn’t said a word in case I got into trouble, to this day we still laugh about it!

9. Lucy Eastick:

A lady came in with her teenager. I said, “is your son waiting for you outside?” She said, “that’s my daughter!” …I was so embarrassed!

8. Julie Clutton:

My elderly client asked me for a “stiff one” once, I looked at her and said, “do you think you could handle it?!” “Yes‚” she said, “it lasts me for ages then!” …She meant hairspray! We were in stitches afterwards when I told her what I thought!

7. Sally Lycett:

I was cutting a client’s hair and no hairdryers were on, so the salon was quiet. I dropped my comb and as I bent down to pick it up I let out a very loud fart!

6. Sam Harrison-Banks:

My boss said to a lady, “Ahh when is your baby due?” …She said, “My baby is 2 years old!” She was mortified!

5. Mandy Tough:

Setting the salon up at the start of the day, I was hanging up the freshly washed and dried gowns chatting away as normal when I took out a gown from the bag and shook it to get rid of creases… much to my horror a pair of my knickers flew out across the salon floor!

4. John Sheldon-Baker:

After applying hair spray to my client’s hair I noticed a loose hair on her nose so I thought I’d remove it while she still had her eyes shut… For her to open them in shock as the hair was attached…

3. Sam Mayer:

My friend at work was styling her client’s hair and slipped over fell straight on her bum after doing the splits, and as she fell she tried to grab the chair her client was sitting on and spun the client round! I was peeing myself, but the client was not amused, which made it even more funny!

2. Sian Norris:

“Would you like a front or back wash?” “No I want it all washed?!”

And in 1st place….Suzi Malone:

A 90 year old client arrived for an appointment after missing two previous ones. I asked her how she was as she said, “I’m feeling a little fragile today.” To lighten the mood I said, “have you been out on the razz again?!” and she replied, “no I had a heart attack.”