If you have been a hairdresser or hair stylist for a long time, you will know that the way clients want to colour their hair is changing.

A huge number of clients are now looking for highly personalised, vibrant hair dye creations that they can regularly change to suit the latest trend they have seen on Instagram.

So, while we still have those clients who return every six weeks to maintain their signature highlights, others like to keep us on our toes, asking for new shades and techniques that evolve every visit.

The result is an array of semi-permanent bright hair dyes aimed at those who like to spend their salon appointments experimenting with bold and vibrant new looks!

The 5 Best Bright Hair Dyes for Salons

Give your clients any fantasy hair colour they ask for with our picks of the best bright hair dyes for professionals – p.s, they’re all in our vegan salon supplies range, too!

  1. Pulp Riot Semi Permanent Hair Colour
  2. Pulp Riot Neon Semi Permanent Hair Colour Collection
  3. Manic Panic Hair Colour
  4. Crazy Colour Semi Permanent
  5. Shrine Drop It Hair Drops

1. Pulp Riot Semi Permanent Hair Colour

Pulp Riot has long been seen as one of the best bright hair dye brands in the USA, so we were so excited to launch them here in the UK at Salons Direct last year!

The core Pulp Riot semi-permanent range offers a true rainbow of fantasy colours, which are all highly pigmented and fade evenly for up to 24 washes. You can even mix them together to create your own custom shade, or use the clear option to dilute shades into softer pastels.

One of the best parts though, is its vegan and cruelty-free formula containing nourishing quinoa, so hair is conditioned as it colours for best results.

Clients looking for a permanent bright or fantasy hair colour? Take a look at Pulp Riot Faction8!

See our Ask the Expert Feature with Lexie Shay to find out why she loves using Pulp Riot Semi Permanent Hair Colour so much!

2. Pulp Riot Neon Semi Permanent Hair Colour Collection

This really is one of the boldest fantasy hair colour products you will find right now! The Pulp Riot Neon range has all the same benefits as the original range – long-lasting, intense pigment, even fading, conditioning formula – but with a UV reactive finish!

Yes – this ultra-bright hair dye will actually shine under black light! There are three stunning vivid tones that are ideal for unnatural hair fans or clients who want something fun for a festival. They can also be removed with Pulp Riot Blank Canvas, so clients can switch it up when they want something new.

3. Manic Panic Hair Colour

When it comes to fantasy hair colour products, Manic Panic has been leading the way for over 40 years! As one of the most iconic bright hair dye names out there, Manic Panic continues to be a favourite today thanks to its vegan and cruelty-free formula that is also free from ammonia and PPD.

The professional range is ideal for salons and colourists, with a gel base that allows for highly accurate colour placement. It can also last up to 40 washes when cared for, fading true to tone, making it one of the longest lasting semi permanent bright hair dyes on our list.

4. Crazy Color Semi Permanent

Crazy Colour and their amazing bright hair dye range was first launched in 1977 in the UK during the punk rock explosion. Designed to push boundaries, Crazy Colour’s semi-permanent fantasy and unnatural hair colours last between 3 and 6 washes, making them perfect for anyone who likes to switch their look up quickly and often.

Along with their 41 intermixable shades, there is also the Crazy Colour Pastel Spray, which is perfect for adding a pop of colour that can simply be washed out, and Crazy Colour Hype Pure Pigment Drops which can be mixed in with conditioner as a colour depositing mask.

Finally, you can retail the Crazy Colour Rainbow Hair Shampoo and Rainbow Hair Conditioner to your clients to extend the life of their bright new colour.

5. Shrine Drop It Hair Drops

With every client wanting their own unique take on a trend or colour, semi permanent hair colours that can be customised are becoming hero products in many salons. Which is why Shrine Drop It Hair Drops have made it on our list of the best bright hair dye products for professionals.

Using no single use plastics, these highly pigmented drops can be mixed in with any hair conditioner to produce a true spectrum of shades – from subtle pastels to full on vivids. Leave on for just 10 minutes and your clients can enjoy colour that can last up to 15 washes, depending on the amount of drops used, with minimal hair damage.

Vegan and cruelty-free, this fantasy hair product has already taken over Instagram – why not let it take over your salon too!

Want to know more about using fantasy hair colour products and bright dyes? Read these FAQs…

What Bright Hair Dyes Last the Longest?

When offering a vivid or bright hair dye service to clients, it’s important to manage their expectations on how long the colour will last for. In general, lighter hair takes bright and unnatural colours better, so lifting it to a higher level will help in colour intensity and longevity.

Usually, the darker the colour of the dye, the longer it will last in the hair. Purple is one of the most highly pigmented bright hair dyes, which often means it lasts longer.

However, this depends on the natural colour and condition of the hair. Damaged hair can sometimes struggle to take the dye and will fade faster than hair in good condition. That’s why it is important to choose a dye that doesn’t damage your clients hair – using an Olaplex treatment during colour application will really help, too.

What is the Hardest Colour to Remove From the Hair?

Many hair colourists will already have experienced just how hard it is to shift stubborn red tones. Greens and blues are also among the hardest colours to remove from the hair.

When it comes to removing any unnatural colour from the hair, it’s important to approach it carefully. Simply throwing some bleach over the top can actually push the pigment further into the hair, as well as causing unnecessary damage.

Instead, try using a colour remover that cares for the hair, such as Crazy Colour Back to Base or Pulp Riot Blank Canvas. This way, colours can be removed while maintaining hair health, so a new colour can be applied straight away.

What Colour Hair Dye Fades the Fastest?

While red is one of the hardest tones to remove from the hair, it is ironically also one of the fastest to fade!

Bright reds and pinks can lose their vibrancy quickly if not properly maintained and cared for. Recommend to your clients a good colour-safe shampoo, such as Pureology, and give them aftercare advice for maintaining their hair colour at home.

If you are looking for bright hair dyes for your salon, see our full semi permanent hair colour range online today at Salons Direct!

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