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With wedding season right around the corner, clients getting married this Spring and Summer will be starting to gather their nail spiration and booking in with you for their wedding nails.

If you’re looking for some stunning bridal nail ideas ranging from classic to creative, we’ve rounded up 20 of the best ideas inspired by Glossify’s bridal collection, ‘Barely There’.

But first, let’s take a look at the collection…

The Barely There Collection includes six reformulated sheer gel paints which work perfectly with every skin tone.

Glossify barely there

Good to know about the Glossify ‘Barely There’ Collection

  • Not tested on animals.
  • Each bottle can achieve up to 65 sets.
  • Hema-free
  • LED & UV Curable.
  • Highly pigmented for good coverage.

Top 20 Bridal Nail Ideas For 2024 With Glossify 💅🏻 

If your bridal clients are struggling to find a wedding nail style that they love, we guarantee they’ll be inspired by our favourites listed below…

1. Hailey Bieber ‘Glazed Doughnut’ Inspired Nails 🍩 @m.nailbar_

Image showing glossy nails infront of a green plant


Glazed Doughnut nails have been trending on TikTok for quite some time now, and we can’t see these gorgeous iridescent nails going anywhere anytime soon. Perfect for brides who are going for the ultimate nail glow aesthetic, we know this will be a firm favourite for the 2024 wedding season.

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2. Subtle nail art on a pretty pink base 💗 @paintedby.lucy

For those beautiful brides who want to raise their nail game on their wedding day with just a hint of subtle nail art layered over a pink base.

Image showing pink nails being held by a hand wearing a black glove

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3. Simple and Chic 🤍 @charleychristinabeauty

Another gorgeous option for brides looking for a little bit of extra detailing on their wedding day nails. Depending on their theme, your client may want to switch up the colour of the dots to match their wedding accent colour.

Image of a hand with pink nails and black dots

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4. All white erry’thing ⚪  @itsgrlnails

We love these short, square sheer white nails, and they are a classic for a reason. All white, everything looks clean and contemporary, and it is absolutely perfect for bridal nails.

Image of a hand with pink nails, the person is wearing a silver ring


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5. Statement metallic tips 🖤 @paintedby.lucy

Depending on the vibe of the wedding, your bride may want to go for a statement nail tip to add a bit of her personality. We absolutely love these metallic tips that add lustre and interest to a polished look.

Image of pink nails with mettalic tips

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6. Clean girl aesthetic 💁‍♀️ @base_coatstudio

Almond nails are incredibly popular for brides-to-be, and we have no doubt they’ll also be blending this coveted nail shape with the clean girl aesthetic.

Image of almond shaped nails, one nail has a tiny black heart on it


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7. Classic French Manicure 🇫🇷 @beckycox_Manicurist

A classic French manicure is perfect for the blushing bride and can work with a range of nail shapes, short or long.

Image of nails featuring a french manicure

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8.  Barbie Pink French  🎀 @kaitlynjaystudio

The perfect French manicure on longer nails in a stunning Barbie pink tone. Fresh. Clean. Gorgeous.

Image of pink and white nails

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9. A fresh take on a classic French Manicure 💕 @becky__lit

A simple French Manicure featuring square tips and a crescent moon shape. A truly flawless nail look that will look good for all of the bridal party.

Image of pink and white nails with one finger which has a silver ring on it

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10. Summer lovin’ florals 🌸 @_nailsbyemmaa_

A gorgeous statement nail that is perfect for the wedding of SS23, you can dial the nail art up or down depending on the Bride’s style.

Image of square shaped pink nails with a flower print

Get the look 👇

11. Set your heart on it 💝 @shapenailsandbeauty

Image of pink sqaure nails with hearts on them

Combining two styles, the French Manicure with statement nails, your client really can have it all on their wedding day.

Get the look 👇

12. Fancy Florals 🌺 @wonderlinks_nails_by_alys

Image of nails with a floral print

A real statement nail with a floral flair, manifest balmy summer days with these gorgeous stiletto nails.

Get the look 👇

13. Subtle glazed 💫  @truthbeauty_

If your bride loves the glazed doughnut look on shorter nails, these subtle glazed tips are the perfect option. Just look at that glow!

Image of natural nails with a pink polish

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14. All in the details 🌹 @sageandbellebeauty

For brides that really want to make their nails a part of their look, especially for photos holding a pretty bouquet of flowers.

Image of nails featuring floral art.

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15. Pretty in pink🦩 @_nailsbybethany

Flamingo pink is in! A gorgeous blend of subtle and more statement nail art in various shades of poppin’ pink.

Image of pink square shape nails

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16. Candy colours 🍬 @gels.bybelle

Who said that bridal nails HAD to be nude? Not us! We love this mint green and pink combo.

Image of pink and green nails

Get the look 👇

17. Botanical inspired 🌿 @diamond_nail_design

Perfect for brides who are going for a botanical theme at their wedding, play into the aesthetic with subtle leaf nail art detailing.

Image of nails with a leaf print

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18. Statement edges 🌼 @nailsbydannimoore

Bring your nail art game with this statement edging style. We absolutely love this floral feature using multiple shades from the Glossify range.

Image of nails with flowers

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19. Diamond Dreams 💎 @nailsby_amyy_

If you can’t sparkle and shine on your wedding day, when can you? We are obsessed with these!

Image of stilletto Nails with diamante detail

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20. Earth tones ☁️ @sageandbellebeauty

We love the tonal earth shades giving calm, contemporary vibes.

Image of nails in greige and beige with leaf detailing


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