Training to be a Beauty Therapist | Salons Direct

We asked 10 beauty therapists what they wish they’d known before training. Discover everything from personal hygiene to intimate hair removal!

“How horrendous specialising in back, sack and crack would be.”

“That not everyone cares about personal hygiene.”

“How you can’t please everybody and they will try anything for a freebie.”

“All of the aches and pains I would endure carrying out various treatments.”

“How many people are happy to pay pennies for treatments.”

“All about the people who say: “I’m on my period right now but would you mind doing my Hollywood?””

“All about the human body theory work.”

“How many people would rather you washed their face than themselves.”

“How saturated the industry has become.”

“The strange smell of your hands after a full day of pedicures.”

How many can you relate to? What do you wish you had known before training to be a beauty therapist?

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