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We asked a number of hairdressers what they wish they’d known before training to be a stylist. Everything from your cleavage becoming a hair trap to just how bad hairspray tastes.

“That I would never have a day off.”

“How undervalued you are by people who think you are not worth the price you charge.”

“That my cleavage would become such a hair trap.”

“People always think you have scissors on you no matter where you are.”

“That most of your ‘friends’ just call for a ‘chat’ and conveniently end the conversation with: “By the way my roots are soooo bad.””

“That there is always someone who will undercut your prices even though they are reasonable.”

“How are it is to hear what the client is saying when the dryers are going, you just have to nod, laugh and throw in the odd oh yeah.”

“That you work right up until Christmas day and catch every bug out there.”

“How many black clothes I have to colour in with black marker.”

“That you would hear, just like this picture but longer at back,shorter at the sides..oh and not that colour.”

“That I would be cleaning the skirting boards and mirrors for the first 12 months.”

“How many people don’t want to pay for a quality, professional service and will give you that look like they could have got it done cheaper down the road.”

“You will get stopped whilst shopping or on a night out asking to book in on such a day.”

“How bad hairspray tastes!”

“That clients get annoyed when you have some time off after having a baby.”

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