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We asked 14 hairdressers what they wish they’d known before training to be a stylist. Everything from the questions asked by clients to the #stylistproblems that come with being the only hairdresser in your group of mates.

“How many clients actually ask for ONE layer.”

“The wages don’t equate to your profession.”

“How many bald men…ask for a perm.”

“How many clients as for ‘a quick trim’ when they really want a restyle.”

“That you’ll always look like crap on a night out because you’ve spent the whole evening doing all your mates hair instead of getting yourself ready.”

“How many people would ask me…So do you cut your own hair then?”

“What clients mean by, “I want a change but can you leave the length, I don’t want layers, oh, and I don’t want a fringe.””

“How many of your friends ask you on your day off to give them a ‘quick trim.'”

“That I would be a poorly paid councillor.”

“About hair splinters.”

“What a client meant by a couple of inches off.”

“That a break consists of going to the loo.”

“That I would get used to drinking cups of cold coffee with hair in it.”

“When clients book in for a trim they really mean a restyle.”

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