Influenced by the current hot makeup trend of contouring now brought to hair.

Contouring is a hand crafted colour technique that will change the way colourists work to enhance a clients’ facial features.

Bespoke to each client contouring uses placements of colour to create the deception of light and shade, defining re-contouring any face shape to complement natural skin tone, eye colour by highlighting the most beautiful features to create unique personalised results.


How does hair colour contouring work?

This guide will show you how to use contouring to create beautiful transformations that will keep regular colourers excited to try something new.

Understanding the overall shape and symmetry of a woman’s face will guide you to her optimal range of looks. By adding lightness and darkness to certain areas you can account and codify her face shape. Dark colours are great to sharpen and narrow the face shape, light colours help to add length and weight.



colour-blogs-cycle-c11 colour-blogs-cycle-c12

These looks use a combination of freehand and highlighting techniques with different placements of depths and tones around the face to create the deception of light and shade. Dark colours are great to shorten and narrow the face shape, light colours help to add length and width. This changes the appearance of any face shape by defining and re-contouring facial features and incorporated with the colour equation enhances natural skin tone and eye colour to their most attractive beauty effect.




Colour formulas

A – Magma /17 + Blondor Freelights Developer 6%
B – Blondor Freelights + Blondor Freelights Developer 6%
C – Koleston Perfect 6/97 + Welloxon Perfect Developer 6%
D – Koleston Perfect 10/97 + Welloxon Perfect Pastel

  1. Section hair as shown, from ear to ear, one section at the back and a large triangle section on top.colour-1
  2. Start at the side section and apply colour formula A alternating with colour B in a brick work pattern leaving 1/2cm spacing between foils. Alternate V brush stroke and triangle brush stroke as you work on the foil. Continue in the same way through the front section. Repeat other side.

colour-23. In the back section apply colour formula C at the roots only with a random stretched application to create shadow, continue until complete. In the front area between the foils also apply colour formula D on the remaining hair from roots to ends.

colour-34. Develop, rinse, shampoo, towel dry and apply formula D for 5 minutes. Rinse hair well.


  1. Section hair as shown into 5 sections. Starting at the nape create a blunt base line length

cut-12. Comb the hair flat and freehand cut to blend the sides into the base line length

cut-23. Start at the crown and elevate the hair using the base line length as a guide. Use hairdressing thinning scissors to softly remove the corner of weight

cut-34. Continue in this way around the head with orange shade segments finishing at the fringe



  1. On damp hair apply EIMI Root Shoot for precise root lift and EIMI Sugar Lift for voluminous grippy texture and shine.

style-12. Use a couple of small round brush’s and blow dry to create a strong bend in the hair leaving one hair brush in the hair to cool as you work through each section

style-23. Using a small barrel tong work through the entire head taking large random sections. Finish the look with a light dusting of EIMI Dynamic Fix to keep a touchable texture.



Want to know more about the Koleston Perfect Le Beige Collection by Wella Professionals? Watch the video below!