It’s only a matter of weeks until spooky season! And nail techs, it’s looking like it’s going to be a colourful few months ahead in the nail world. 

As the season’s change, so do trends. It can be difficult to keep up with, but it’s super important for nail techs to keep up – so that their products align with what the client wants. 

Today, we’re going to shed some light on exactly what colours and brands to get your hands on this season. Read on to discover the trending autumn nail colours you need in your nail kit…

Glossify Autumn 2021 Collection 

Glossify has just launched their Autumn 2021 Collection, and spoiler alert – it’s incredible. We’d show you them all – but we’ve gotta leave room for the other incredible brands and colours! 


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Perfect for professional use, the entire collection includes Tart, Ivy, Venom, Earth, Teal, Fern, and Orb. There’s no doubt that these shades are incredible, but there’s more. Here are the other key benefits of the collection that nail techs need to know:

  • Highly pigmented colours. 
  • Chip-resistant and long-lasting wear. 
  • 7 popular shades to choose from. 
  • High-quality formula. 
  • Vegan-friendly collection. 
  • Cruelty-free collection. 
  • Amazing shine with every colour. 
  • Incredible depth to every colour. 
  • LED & UV curable. 
  • Each bottle can achieve up to 65 sets. 

Now that we’ve gotten you up to speed with the deets, let us get into some of the incredible shades in the collection. 


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Glossify Tart 

First up, we have one of the colours from the brand new Glossify Autumn 2021 collection – Tart! 

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A beautiful red that’s rich in colour and allows for perfect depth, whilst also adding a beautiful shimmer and shine – perfect for autumn! Red shades always make a fashionable comeback once we start getting into the colder months, and with the quality that this Glossify shade offers – It’s pretty hard to beat!

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Glossify Venom

Next up, we have Venom. This beautiful green shade is super vibrant and bold, as well as featuring a stunning shimmer. Venom is also extremely pigmented – making it the perfect gel polish for an unbeatable full coverage finish. 

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You’ve probably noticed that green is a hugely popular colour with clients right now. So much so, that we’ve included two separate shades from the new Glossify collection. 

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Glossify Ivy

A slightly more delicate hue of green (which is super on-trend right now), we have the stunning Glossify Ivy. 

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Glossify has perfectly encapsulated the most popular shades of green in their new collection, with the Ivy addition set to become a total crowd-pleaser amongst clients. Expect to see many requests for this shade throughout your nail appointments this autumn! 

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Glossify Autumn 2021 Collection Kit 

Alternatively, if you’d like to stock up on five of the iconic shades from the Glossify Autumn 2021 Collection Kit all at once – you could always opt for their brand new professional kit! Glossify has included 5 of their iconic shades in one kit so that professionals don’t have to worry about purchasing the entire collection separately. 

The Glossify Autumn 2021 Collection Kit includes Tart, Earth, Teal, Fern, and Orb.

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Next up we have another iconic brand that offers two trending colours for the upcoming season. A well-trusted brand in the professional nail industry, the key benefits of using the trending colours from the Halo gel nail polish range include: 

  • Highly pigmented gel nail polish. 
  • Halo products offer incredible versatility, depth, and dimension to professional nail sets. 
  • Amazing shine and incredible long-lasting results. 
  • Salon standard product line. 
  • The Halo formula is perfect for easy application.
  • Amazing chip resistance that lasts for up to 2 weeks.
  • Full cure in just 30 seconds.
  • Halo gels can be mixed together to create unique shades for clients. 
  • Effortless removal for nail techs, taking no longer than 10 minutes. 
  • No damage to your client’s natural nails. 

Halo Soldier

 The first Halo shade we’ll be showing you is their iconic dark green shade (yep, we did tell you that autumn is full of green and earthy shades this year!) called Soldier – a gorgeous deep and bold shade of green. This colour is super on-trend right now, and you can rest assured knowing that when you use Halo, you’re guaranteed professional quality products.

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Halo Pumpkin Spice

We couldn’t do the most popular autumn colours without including Pumpkin Spice. Orange tones are always a favourite this time of year, and that won’t change anytime soon. 

The Halo Pumpkin Spice is a beautiful soft shade of orange, with a slight mustard undertone that really helps to bring the overall shade together. This one is bound to be popular with clients! The Halo Pumpkin Spice is a pastel orange tone as well – which of course, is always a winner in 2021. 

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Glitterbels Oceanic 

We couldn’t do a trending nail colour article without Glitterbels, could we? They are constantly producing the most on-trend professional products. Introducing, the iconic  Glitterbels Oceanic. 

The Glitterbels Oceanic is a stunning shade of dark blue, which is currently trending all over social media. We would highly recommend making sure that you have the best shade of deep blue to hand in the coming months – and there’s no better out there than the Glitterbels Oceanic. 

In case you haven’t used Glitterbels for professional work just yet, here are some key benefits to using their fantastic collections: 

  • Vegan-friendly formulas. 
  • Cruelty-free formulas. 
  • Can be applied as a two or three-step system. 
  • Highly pigmented. 
  • Allows for easy application. 
  • Smooth finish. 
  • Premium quality. 
  • Fully cures in just 30 to 60 seconds under a LED lamp. 
  • Fully cured in just 2 minutes under a UV lamp. 

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O.P.I Espresso

Last, but certainly not least, we have the incredible brand O.P.I and their shade Espresso Your Inner Self Nail Lacquer. 

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Similar to what we’ve seen with the greens, we believe that the pattern this autumn is heading towards earthy tones – just like the O.P.I Espresso Your Inner Self. The formula is rich and creamy, whilst also offering effortless application for the professional. Oh, and not to mention a stunning finish!

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O.P.I is known for its exceptional quality and luxury formulas, and the shade Espresso Your Inner Self is no different. The cocoa brown/nude shade is already trending everywhere, so it’s definitely worth having this shade handy. The O.P.I version is highly pigmented, extremely long-lasting, highly chip-resistant, and offers an unbeatable finish with every use. 


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We hope that you’ve enjoyed discovering the most on-trend nail colours you need in your nail kit for this autumn! At Salons Direct, we stock all of the fantastic products mentioned in this article and more – so be sure to head over to our website to get yours! 

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