We make no secret of the fact that we absolutely love Pulp Riot here at Salons Direct – and, judging by the reaction we see on social media, you do too!

So, we can’t help but shout about our latest Pulp Riot drop  – the incredible FACTION8 Interstellar collection is here!

Boasting 8 brand new permanent pastel shades, you can take your creativity to new limits with this gorgeous palette of deposit-only colours to impress clients with.

To help you get inspired, we asked the amazing Heather MacKenzie to show us how she’s been putting her Interstellar shades to use…

Are you ready to try Interstellar!?

I’m Heather, @glam.by.heather on Instagram, and I’ve been super lucky to have the chance to try out these shades before they were launched! I’ve had a play around with them and I’m so excited to let you guys know how I’ve been getting on.

So, what is Pulp Riot Interstellar?

It’s part of the Pulp Riot FACTION8 family and can be mixed with any shade from the FACTION8 range along with any of the High Speed Toners as a pastel booster. Or you can simply utilise them on their own. The shades are stunning!!

Have you been wanting to introduce your clients to more creative colours but want something a little softer than the semis that still packs a punch?? Well this is it and there’s so so much you can do with them!!

In my images, I decided to use them on their own to show you guys what they look like in their own form – so you can see what they are and get creative with them yourselves!!

Pulp Riot Interstellar Hair By Heather MacKenzie Pulp Riot Interstellar Hair By Heather MacKenzie

I mixed them 1:1 with Pulp Riot Superior Scalp Developer 6 Volume and left to develop for 35 minutes. I used shades 12-22, 12-7, 12-4, 12-5 and 12-1 to create a pop of contrasting colours.

Pulp Riot Interstellar shade swatches

I absolutely love the fact that you can intermix these. It opens up so much opportunity for creativity and for me is an absolute game changer!!

Once you’ve had a play, take some killer images, get them on insta and tag me in them (@glam.by.heather) because I can’t wait to see what you all get up to with them.

See you soon guys and enjoy!

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