In the Ultra Crush look, we show a new trend of red. The darkest red forms a circular halo following the hairline, illuminating our model’s pale skin. Strategic patterns of lighter sienna-red hues create a circular, reflective shine line where the head bevels.

This corresponds beautifully with the elongated shape of the cut, softens her square facial features, creates an optical oval, and intensifies the shaggy texture and the squashed curls of the style.

Complexity: High
Colour placement: Freehand


Colour Formulas:

A Blondor Freelights + Blondor Freelights Developer 9%
B Koleston Perfect 55/66 + Koleston Perfect 33/66 (1:1) + Welloxon Perfect 9%
C Koleston Perfect 66/56 + Koleston Perfect 66/46 (1:1) + Welloxon Perfect 9%
D Koleston Perfect INNOSENSE 77/44 + Koleston Perfect INNOSENSE 0/43 (5:1) + Welloxon Perfect 9%
E Koleston Perfect 33/66 + Welloxon Perfect 6%
F Perfecton by Color Fresh /44



Step 1:Create a diamond section a few inches in from the front hair line down to the occipital bone and separate into four areas, two diamond sections at the back and two triangle sections at the front. Following the perimeter section of the hair, using strong tension, cut to the desired length, creating a round bowl shape. Start at the fringe area – finishing at the back, creating a convex shape.


Step 2:On the back two sections of the hair, cut in round layers.


Step 3: On the front two triangle sections, work from the perimeter to the top of the head. Take small sections and working with strong tension, softly elevate the hair, following your previously created guideline.



Step 1: Create a V shaped section from the left temple to the occipital bone. Take sections from the front hairline starting from the right temple, work in diagonal sections up towards the top of the head. Apply colour A using a freehand technique on the mid-lengths of the hair. Extend the colour to the ends on some hair pieces to create a more harmonious effect.


Step 2: Continue colour application to the left side of the hair. Starting from the hairline, work in diagonal sections in the same manner to the top of the head. Visually develop until desired lift is achieved. Gently rinse, shampoo and condition with Blondor Seal and Care. Blow dry the hair.


Step 3: Repeat the same section as before. Colour the perimeter section from the roots to ends with colour B.

Step 4: Work from the perimeter in diagonal sections taking slices. Apply colour C to all the roots and alternate on mid-lengths and ends with colour’s C, D and E. Separate each slice section with a foil and continue towards the top of the head until complete. After development is complete, gently rinse, shampoo and condition with Wella Care Post Treatment Service Conditioner. Finish with colour F as final tonal rinse and continue to blow dry the hair.



Step 1: Apply EIMI Shape Me and EIMI Perfect Me to wet hair from root to tip to enhance and keep the natural curl shapes.


Step 2: Dry with a diffuser – keeping the natural fall of the hair.  Tong the hair with a 32mm tong on some  areas to finish the shape. Let it cool down and apply more EIMI Perfect Me to create an intensely moisturised texture finish.

Your clients can maintain their looks with EIMI Styling Products and Care products.


Styling Products:
Use EIMI Shape Me for style creation with a 48 hour shape memory effect, and EIMI Perfect Me Hair BB Lotion for smoothness and delicate shine.

At home care recommendation:
Brilliance Shampoo protects against harmful free radicals for longer-lasting colour, and Brilliance Mask enhances the vibrancy of coloured hair.