In our Ultra Depth look, we create a cool dissonance of youth and a daring shaggy style. A freehand cut with very long and textured layers combined with a see-through soft fringe just touching the eyebrows contours the face to bring her enticing “premium innocence” alive. A cool panel of petrol colours over a slimming volcanic black are placed throughout the top of her head to create the illusion of soft movement and structure.


Complexity: High
Colour Placement: Freehand
Face shape: Round

Colour formulas:

A Koleston Perfect INNOSENSE 4/0 + Welloxon Perfect 6%

B Blondor Multi Blonde Powder + Welloxon Perfect 6%

C Koleston Perfect 0/28 + Koleston Perfect 0/33 (3:1) + Welloxon Perfect 6%

D Color Touch 10/81 + Color Touch 0/88 (4:1) + 2 parts Color Touch Emulsion 1.9%


Step 1: Use a hair razor cut from mid-lengths to ends to create texture and define the shape. Work section by section on dry hair.


Step 2: Cut a long and narrow round fringe, starting at the bridge of the nose going down to the cheekbones on each side. Texturise the fringe with a slicing technique. This technique will enable you to remove some weight and create a see-through effect.


Step 3: Contour the face and personalise the entire cut by texturising with the slicing technique and using the texturising scissors when needed. Work this way until you reach the desired texture.



Step 1: Apply colour A to the full head from roots to ends. Develop, rinse, shampoo, neutralise and dry.


Step 2: Create five round sections, the first one being over the crown and the lowest one just below the occipital bone. Work on section 2 and 4, starting at the fringe and all around the head, and apply colour B from mid-length to ends and create a light pattern. Leave sections 1, 3 and 5 free of colour. Develop, rinse, shampoo, neutralise and dry.




Step 3: Using foils, create a print colour pattern with colours C, D and E on the pre-lightened area. Develop, rinse, shampoo and neutralise.



Step 1: Apply EIMI Velvet Amplifier and EIMI Root Shoot to the roots to create a soft texture, but with volume in the root area. Blow-dry the hair with a medium round brush and over-direct your movement to lift the roots.


Step 2: Change to a smaller brush and blow-dry the fringe around to break the straightness.


Step 3: Apply EIMI Shape Me and tong the hair – using an in-and-out movement to create chunky separation but not a curly finish. EIMI Shape Me’s 48 hour shape memory will help keep the created shape in very thick and straight hair. Apply EIMI Rugged Texture from roots to ends everywhere, to add grip and definition to this editorial look and feel.