It’s contouring-luxe in long, straight hair. Working on an overall lightened base featuring darker beige panels created in creative patterns on the bias around the hat line. This will enhance the sleek movement, narrowing down the shape throughout the mid-length, giving the length diversity, and enhancing the filtered layers of the cut. Straight styling adds to the premium look.


Complexity: High
Colour Placement: Freehand

Colour Formulas:

A Blondor Soft Blonde Cream + Welloxon Perfect 6% (1:1.5)

B Blondor Soft Blonde Cream + Color Touch Emulsion 1.9% (1:1.5)

C Koleston Perfect 8/97 + Koleston Perfect 6/97 (1:1) + Color Touch Emulsion 1.9% OR Welloxon Perfect Pastel

D Koleston Perfect 9/96 + Koleston Perfect 0/43 (5:1) + 2 parts Color Touch Emulsion 1.9% OR Welloxon Perfect Pastel

E Koleston Perfect 6/97 + Color Touch Emulsion 4%

F Koleston Perfect 10/3 + 2 parts Color Touch Emulsion 1.9% OR Welloxon Perfect Pastel

G Koleston Perfect 10/97 + Koleston Perfect 8/97 (2:1) + Color Touch Emulsion 4%


Step 1: Apply EIMI Perfect Me Hair BB Lotion to wet hair to use as a moisturising cutting lotion. Razor cut the front layers with a slight forward over-direction, for a subtle result.


Step 2: Cut concave layers all around the middle parting using texturising scissors.


Step 3: Check and texturise the layers by over-directing the hair to the middle parting. Cut with an aggressive forward over-direction to the front fingers at a 45 degree angle. Work this way section by section to create the illusion of length on both sides.



Step 1: Full head pre-lightening using colour A about 2cm away from the roots to mid-shaft and 5cm wide. Apply colour B through the ends. Develop until the desired level of lift is achieved. Colour the roots with colour A. Develop until the level of life from mid-lengths and ends is achieved. Rinse, shampoo and neutralise.


Step 2: Section the head into 3 parts: from temple to temple below the hat line, separating the nape area, and around the hat line – leaving a triangle section on the top of the head around the middle parting. Apply colour C to the nape area from roots to ends.


Step 3: Create a print pattern with colours C, D, E and F all around the hat line.


Step 4: Apply colour G to the triangle section situated at the top of the head from roots to ends.



Step 1: Apply EIMI Boost Bounce and Light Luminous Reflective Oil and spray EIMI Glam Mist onto wet hair – to create a premium, moldable texture.


Step 2: Create the shape with a large round brush and twist the ends.