Are your salon hair dryers in need of an upgrade? Why not give yourself some state-of-the-art new tools with the brand new Elchim 8th SENSE RUN hairdryer?

About Elchim

For those unfamiliar with Elchim, you’ll need to know that it is one of the industry’s favourite brands for hairdressing electricals. Since 1945, this Italian brand has been making top quality professional tools for hair stylists, including the now iconic Elchim 3900 dryer. Elchim focuses on every detail of its products to make them the most ergonomic, light, balanced, silent that you can buy.

Now, the latest new addition to the range is surely set to become a new best seller!

The NEW Elchim 8th SENSE RUN

The 8th Sense is a truly next-generation hairdryer. Available in Black & Lily Rose (Lilac) this dryer stands out from the crowd.

The Elchim 8th SENSE RUN hairdryer is one of the most ergonomic hairdryers on the market.

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Key Features…

Brushless Motor With Over 5,000 Hours of Usage

New to the 8th SENSE range, the Elchim 8th SENSE RUN is a new generation of hairdryers. One of its key features is its lightweight and long lasting ‘brushless digital motor’ (or BLCD technology). This motor has been tested for over 5,000 hours of use, while the back filter stops hair from entering the mechanism, so you can have confidence that the dryer will last through endless appointments to come!

As an extra bonus, no carbon brushes means your hair dyer is also better for the environment.

Incredibly Lightweight

Not only is the brushless motor highly durable, but it is also incredibly lightweight at just 400 grams! Lighter than ever before, this Elchim hair dryer can help to relieve strains and lower the risk of carpal tunnel syndrome developing.

Suitable for ANY Hair Type

The Elchim 8th SENSE RUN hairdryer boasts more speed and temperature settings than any other hairdryer.

Like the original 8th SENSE, this new model features an incredible 36 variations of heat and speed, allowing you to easily adjust to any hair type – from fragile, fine and delicate hair to thick, coarse and curly hair. Not only this, but the powerful motor still maintains its rapid drying time while producing low noise levels.

Ionic & Ceramic System

By using an ionic and ceramic system, the Elchim 8th SENSE RUN helps stop hair from overheating which protects the integrity of the hair. By drying the hair from the inside out, natural shine is increased for smoother, more beautiful results your clients will love.

Reduced hair penetration

The Elchim 8th SENSE RUN features a laser cut filter on the rear of the device which is designed to reduce hair penetration in the dryer and to increase air volume. In addition, the motor inside is protected from hair entrance, ensuring a longer motor life.

The Elchim 8th SENSE RUN hairdryer features a laser cut filter to prevent hair penetration

Hot Honey Care Starter Kit

For a limited time, the Elchim 8th SENSE RUN comes with a FREE Elchim Hot Honey Care Kit when you quote “HONEY” at checkout!

The Elchim Hot Honey Care Start Kit is an innovative 3 in 1 system: drying, styling and treatment in one single pass.

The treatment, combined with the use of Elchim’s hairdryers, will transform your client’s hair whilst drying and styling with an immediate effect. Thanks to the innovative patented technology within this system, the heat and airflow of the hairdryer activates the natural principles of honey while drying, styling and treating the hair in one quick step, with perfect uniformity.

Read more about the Elchim Hot Honey Care Treatment Pods here!


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