Add an exciting new technical service to your in-salon menu and perm with Curlformers to create long-lasting beach-waves or to add body and texture to limp, lifeless hair.

The options are endless and you can perm with Curlformers on short and long hair, but remember the final result will depend on hair condition, texture and the type of permanent wave solution applied!

This step-by-step video shows you how to perm with the Extra Long and Wide Curlformers on long, thick hair to create a mane of longer-lasting tumbling waves. Because our model has a fabulous head of naturally thick, wavy hair, perming with Curlformers produces a softer spiral curl than it would on fine-textured hair.

Hair condition is vital to the success of your perm. We recommend that a stretch or strand test is carried out in advance to give an indication as to how well the hair will curl. The wide Curlformer, gives a soft beach wave and is currently the most popular option.

Good results have been achieved on normal hair using a variety of perm solutions but it’s important to read and follow the manufacturer’s instructions as they vary.

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