If you are looking for a quick and easy way to create beautiful looking highlights in your clients’ hair, the Magicap is ideal.

As one of the original and best highlighting caps, the ultra close fit and reliable seal ensures that you can deliver the results you expect. It’s also incredibly easy to use, leaving the hairline visible for you to create highlights or lowlights with accuracy.

Take a look at our step-by-step guide on how to use the Magicap to see for yourself just how simple it is…

The quick and easy way to create amazing highlights!


Watch this video to see how simple and easy is it to get great highlight effects using the Magicap!

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The Quick and easy way to create amazing highlights

Available from Salons Direct

Preparing the Magicap

  • Pierce the pre stamped holes with a crochet hook
  • Warm the Magicap to make it supple and apply talc
  • Brush the hair well into the usual style

Putting on the Magicap

  • With the logo at the front, place the Magicap on the forehead
  • Ask the client to hold it in place, and pull the Magicap over the head
  • Pull it down so that it is tight and smooth and make sure it covers the entire hair growth line
  • Fold the edges back off the client’s face

Pulling Through

  • Decide where you want the highlights to be and gently insert the crochet hook into a pre pierced hole at a 45% angle
  • Slowly pull the hook out with the loop of hair pulled fully through the Magicap
  • Continue to pull hair through the Magicap where you want the highlights to be. The more you pull through the more noticeable the result
  • Check for evenness and balance and gently brush the hair to pull through any stray hairs

Applying Colour

  • Fold the Magicap down and apply your chosen colour throughout but do not press the colour onto the Magicap
  • Ensure all the hair is covered
  • Fold up the edge of the Magicap taking care around the hairline, and process colour as normal