A great haircut can make your client feel fantastic, whether they are male or female. If your client is looking for suggestions, knowing what styles will compliment your client’s face shape is half the battle.

Women’s Shapes and Complimentary Styles

Round – The cheekbones and roundness of this style are best matched with uneven layers and a side swept fringe to offset the roundness of the face. A medium length cut that just brushes the collarbone will also have a slimming effect on the face.

Oval – A very versatile face shape that suits most styles, for something ‘edgy’ try a blunt cut fringe or a mid-length bob. An oval face is also one of the few shapes that can pull off a centre part.

Square – Go ‘girly’, a good haircut for a square shaped face will see mid-length or long locks with feathery layers that sit above the jaw line to draw attention to the upper part of the face.

Heart-Shaped – A delicate face that narrows at the chin and is a stylist’s dream. Any style that draws attention to the cheek bones and eyes will be extremely flattering. A long style with a heavy fringe, possibly side swept will highlight the eyes and cheekbones.

Men’s Shapes and Complimentary Styles

Round – A sharp fringe will highlight the roundness of the face. To appear slimmer, those with a round face can encourage angular features with an off centre part and hair that is higher at the top.

Oval – Like with women, oval shaped faces generally suit most styles, a rule of thumb though is to avoid a long fringe as this can make the face appear rounder. For a strong look, keep lengths very short to accentuate the prominent facial features.

Long – A long face shape is blessed by versatility, however, this shape is best framed by hair that is not short on the sides so as to not make the face appear longer than it is.

Square – A square shaped face is defined by its strong jaw line, cheekbones and width. Like round shaped faces, the best style would see short sides with length on the top.