This year, the ‘Veganuary’ pledge reached a record high, with over 500,000 people signing up to cut all meat, dairy and other animal based products from their lives!

In fact, this trend has been snowballing for a few years now, with more and more people looking for ways to reduce the impact their lifestyles have on the environment.

It’s not just about food, either. We know that the vegan beauty trend has been rocketing lately as we become more aware of what we put on our hair and skin.

As a result, there is an array of vegan salons popping up all over the world – just take a look at how many we have found in the UK on our vegan salon map!

Why should your salon introduce vegan treatments?

So, you’ve heard all about how veganism is on the rise. But can it really benefit your salon?

With a new market growing, introducing vegan treatments to your salon could open up a whole new client base for you.

Take a look at what else is on offer in your area. If nobody else is offering vegan treatments, it could be a great opportunity for you.

If a lot of other salons are offering them, maybe it’s something you should consider to stay competitive.

What are vegan salon treatments?

There are so many terms out there in the hair and beauty industry. Clean, conscious, eco, vegan – they all seem to merge into one sometimes.

So, it’s important to know exactly what clients expect when you describe yourself as ‘vegan’.

If you are offering vegan treatments, the products and tools you use should contain no animal derived ingredients at all.

They also should not be tested on animals, which is known as ‘cruelty-free’.

Some things are easy to overlook. For example, if you are a makeup artist, vegan clients might prefer you to use synthetic brushes. For nail techs, check things like hand cream and cuticle oils are also fully vegan.

NAF! Stuff Pink Grapefruit Cuticle Oil 30ml

NAF! Stuff VEGAN Cuticle Oils

Don’t forget about hair brushes either. While boar bristle brushes add shine and smoothness, they aren’t suitable for vegan clients so look for nylon alternatives.

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Is hair dye vegan friendly?

When deciding to turn your salon vegan – or even just have a vegan offering – it can feel like you are in a minefield. A lot of hair dyes actually are not vegan, which can make it difficult to stock your salon.

Some ingredients such as beeswax and honey can rule product ranges out for you.

Nevertheless, there are a number of vegan hair dyes out there that all your clients will love!

Some of the best ones include:

These are all also not tested on animals, so should result on happy vegan clients!

In addition, there are plenty of vegan hair care products you can use too, with plenty available at Salons Direct.

OLAPLEX is a salon staple for colouring hair and repairing damage, plus is completely vegan. The whole Pureology range is also suitable for vegans, plus contains no sulfates for harmful chemicals.

Pureology Hydrate Sheer Shampoo and Conditioner

Pureology Hair Care Range

Is there vegan hair bleach?

Hair bleach also poses a slight challenge for vegan clients as many ranges contain unsuitable ingredients.

Again, you will need to carefully check what is inside the products you are using before advertising your salon as vegan.

These hair lighteners and bleach are all safe for use on vegan clients plus are not tested on animals :

What’s great about many of these vegan hair bleaches is that they contain natural, nourishing ingredients that help to care for and protect the hair as they work.

For example, Pulp Riot’s lightener contains a quinoa base that helps strengthen and moisturise the hair while it lifts up to 10 levels.

Pulp Riot #BLONDEAF Powder Lightener 500g

Pulp Riot #BLONDEAF Powder Lightener

What else needs to be vegan in my salon?

If you want to take the next step in making your salon vegan, there are a few other details to consider too.

Vegan refreshments

When vegan clients take a seat in your chair, make sure you have some refreshments to offer them. Have some milk alternatives in the fridge for tea and coffee. Just remember to let your client know what you are using first – some people might have nut or soy allergies.

A safer alternative is to only use oat milk or offer herbal tea bags – even your non-vegan clients might prefer to try one!

Salon touches

Along with your salon products, think over other little touches that will make your vegan clients feel at home. Vegan candles in your treatment rooms or just a few plants placed around the room can add to the vegan appeal.

If there are other vegan businesses in the area, why not discuss joining forces and promoting each other to create a local community?

Salon furniture

If you are introducing vegan treatments to your salon, clients will likely understand that you can’t throw every non-vegan item out!

However, if you really want to have all bases covered, think about the furniture you use. Rather than leather seats, choose synthetic upholstery instead.

How should I introduce my vegan offering to clients?

You might feel wary about introducing vegan treatments to your salon if you are unsure how well they will go down.

It might be that you’re worried your existing clients won’t like it, or that you don’t feel comfortable getting involved in something you’re not entirely familiar with.

Where to start?

If this is new to you and you want to get involved, start by doing some research. Get online and join some communities to find out what it’s all about and why it means so much to some clients.

Educate yourself on what it means for a product or service to truly be ‘vegan’. This makes sure that you are being authentic in your approach – vegan clients want to feel as though their salon cares about their lifestyle, too.

Finally, there is nothing wrong with starting slowly. Whether you want to start by introducing a few vegan products to your salon or have a separate vegan treatment menu, do what best suits you!

Are you thinking of adding vegan treatments to your salon this year? See our range of vegan salon supplies to get started!

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