Government advice announced on Monday 23rd March saw salons, barbershops and other beauty businesses across the UK finally being told to close their doors to customers to control the spread of Coronavirus.

So, if you are a stylist or beautician who has suddenly found themselves sent home, you might be wondering what is best to do with your time?

During this period, it’s important to keep busy so that your mental health doesn’t suffer, too. So, while you might not be able to get into the salon, there are still plenty of things you could try out to help you keep your mind off any concerns you have – while also learning some new skills or even growing your business.

Take a look at our tips for things to do if you are a stylist, barber or beautician working from home over the next few weeks…

1. Start Your Own Online Training Videos

What is great about the salon and beauty industry is just how engaged the online community is. Sharing skills, ideas and techniques is all just a part of the job, something which is made even easier online.

You’ve probably already watched an online tutorial or advice video on Youtube or other social media for yourself. So, have you ever thought about doing it for yourself?

All you need to get started is your camera phone and the tools you need, then you can get ready to show off some of your best techniques – if you are a nail technician, why not put together some tutorials for your favourite designs? Hairdressers and barbers, maybe you could sit a member of your household to give them a new look?

2. Grow Your Social Media Audience

When your salon is running at full speed, taking the time to review your social media presence can sometimes end up on the back burner. So now you have some downtime, why not consider how you can ramp up your social channels?

We have plenty of salon marketing advice on our blog, including a number of guides to using social media, such as:

Hopefully these posts will give you everything you need to get started. You don’t have to wait until your salon is back open either – get going now and see if you can build up some followers by posting some content they will love.

For some more inspiration, check out our list of the Creative Hair Colour Stylists to Follow on Instagram – or even drop by the Salons Direct Instagram and Facebook page to see how we do it.

3. Practice Your Skills or Learn Some New Ones

If you don’t like the idea of teaching your skills online, then how about learning some new ones yourself?

There is plenty of training equipment available that you can use at home to refine your skills, or even learn something you have always wanted to. If you don’t already have a salon training head at home, why not order one? Use online tutorials or just let your creativity loose to see what new styles, updos or techniques you can master.

Lash technicians can keep their skills in check with the Sibel Eyelash Training Head, too, while nail techs can use manicure practice fingers – when they don’t have a volunteer in their household!

4. Send Your Clients Hair Care Tips

While you may be missing your clients, you can be sure they will be missing you more after a few weeks away from the salon!

When your salon opens back up, we predict a lot of clients will make you their first call – whether their hair needs a good trim, root touch-up or they just want to give themselves a treat after a tough few weeks.

In the meantime, why not give them some information on how to care for their hair and treat themselves at home? A lot of your clients will probably be stuck indoors too, so why not put together some hair care routines they can follow to keep their locks in good condition until they can return to you? Self care will likely be a priority for them at this time too, so they will appreciate some inspiration.

Whether you email this out or post it on your social media, keeping in touch with your clients like this will only help in encouraging them to come back to you when they can.

5. Watch Online Education Courses

Online education for hair and beauty professionals doesn’t just mean Youtube – many professional brands also offer their own online training hubs for you to get stuck into. Some of the videos are available for free, other more in depth courses might require a fee – either way, there are plenty of opportunities for you to learn something new, and get back to the salon ready to impress your clients even more!

Here are some links to some of our favourite online education sources:

Need supplies when working from home? Find them online at Salons Direct – our website is still taking orders as usual.

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