On a mission to reduce your carbon footprint? If you’re conscious of your impact on the planet then the best selling Lotus Eco Brush Detangling Brushes are a perfect start!

Loved by stylists throughout the UK, these brushes have so many benefits – they’re eco-friendly, gentle on the hair and even make a great retail opportunity.

“I couldn’t be without my Lotus Eco Detangling brushes! They’re super gentle on my clients hair, and glide through effortlessly! They’re also great for blending when I’m zone toning at the wash basin. I also love the fact they are eco-friendly and so do my clients!” @lauramaystevenshair

Find out why you need the Lotus Eco Brush in your salon now…

Lotus Eco Brush


Gentle on the environment

With so many of us doing what we can to make our salons more eco-friendly and sustainable, the Lotus Eco Brush is the perfect solution.

The handle and body of the brush is made from biodegradable plant starch, meaning it will break down naturally. In fact, this material will degrade in just 5 years under landfill conditions – compared to hundreds of years for regular plastic brushes.

So, you can do good for hair and the environment!

Gentle on the hair

The Intelliflex bristles are ideal for any hair type – including fragile and damaged hair!

As the bristles glide through the hair so smoothly and without causing friction, the brush helps to prevent breakage. So, if your client has over processed strands, you can be sure the Lotus Eco Brush will help you care for their hair.

Perfect for detangling

The Lotus Eco Brush is designed for detangling with ease. The Intelliflex bristles bend around knots to carefully tease them out, rather than tugging on the hair.

What’s more, the double curve leaf-shape design contours to the scalp, making detangling more comfortable for your client as the bristles softly massage the scalp. It’s lightweight and ergonomic design makes it comfortable for you to hold, too.

An ideal retail opportunity

Boost your salon profit whilst being kind to the environment! The Lotus Eco Brushes are ideal for use on clients during their service but also a perfect retail opportunity!

Ideal for clients’ home hair care routines, they are perfect for using after hair washing to minimise damage when the hair is at its weakest – meaning less split ends when they next visit the salon. All while making hair care more sustainable, too!


RRP: £9.95 

That’s £5 profit on each brush sold!
(Lotus Eco Brush 12 Piece Display Stands are available, working out £60 profit per display stand)

Lotus eco brushes retail

Available in pink, white and black, there’s sure to be a colour to catch your clients’ eye.

By making small changes, we can make big changes to our planet!

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