The pandemic may have prevented your clients from getting their lashes done, but there’s a fast selling product which can help them achieve longer, stronger lashes and increase revenue for your salon – lash serums.

With opportunities to go out restricted at present, now’s the time to encourage your clients to use those make-up free days to give their lashes some love.

Lash serums offer a great revenue stream for salons
In fact, Google searches for lash serums have skyrocketed since lockdown. So, whilst your salon is unable to open due to lockdown, now’s the time to consider selling lash serums so your clients can keep their lashes in top condition until they get back to having their usual in-salon treatments.

What are lash serums?

Designed to be applied daily, lash serums use growth-enhancing formulas to trigger growth, add density, and prevent brittleness and breakage. 

What are in these growth-enhancing formulas? Well, lashes (just like hair) are made up of over 90 percent protein. These formulas use amino-acids which are the building blocks of protein to nourish and repair lashes. That’s why you’ll generally see amino-acids listed as the main ingredient in lash serums. Note, that in some lash serums you’ll find amino acids that have a different name – peptides. 

That’s not all. You’ll often also find collagen in lash serum formulas. The skin and hair benefits of collagen are already widely known, but it’s also been shown to have a beneficial effect on lashes too. 

You may have also heard of lash conditioners. These are not the same as lash serums. Lash serums help grow new lashes, add thickness and repair damage. Lash conditioners on the other hand are designed for use by people who already have full and ample lashes and are looking to moisturise them. A great recommendation for new clients that may have had a bad experience with semi-permanent lashes and need to build up lash strength before starting a new course of lash treatments.

Of course, they can be used together. Many clients will want to use a conditioner alongside a serum in order to keep their new lashes in good condition.

How long do lash serums take to work?

The key to getting the best results from a lash serum is patience. The daily growth rate of an eyelash is 0.12-0.14mm, with your lashes having a cycle of up to 90 days. So, your client will need to consistently apply the serum (no skipped days!), ensuring that their lash-line is free of any make-up remover or cleanser residue that could prevent the serum being absorbed.

The best lash serums

Here at Salons Direct we stock some of the best lash serums currently on the market. Below, we’ve detailed some of our most popular and fastest selling lash serums…

Growth and conditioning in one

This Growth and Conditioning Serum from Hi Brow is perfect for growing and caring for your lashes. With regular use your lashes will appear longer and up to 35% thicker.

Hi Brow's Growth and Conditioning Serum is a great two-in-one solution for healthier, bigger lashes.

For thicker, fuller lashes

If your clients want to give their lashes a boost, then the Eyelash Emporium’s Stunt Double Growth Serum could be for them. Packed with lash-boosting peptides, this serum is clinically-proven to enhance lash density by up to 79%.

Stunt Double Lash Growth Serum is perfect for those looking to boost their lashes quickly

For faster results

Your clients may want to achieve thicker, fuller lashes as soon as possible (especially as we approach the end of lockdown). In which case, Apraise’s Power Serum is the perfect solution. Containing active ingredients that stimulate hair follicles, resulting in fuller and strong lashes in just 15 days.

Want thicker, fuller lashes in 15 days? Then try Apraise's Power Serum

For perfect conditioning

If your clients are keen to get, and keep, their lashes in top condition then Flawless Lashes by Loreta Lash Wizard Eyelash Serum is the perfect lash serum for the job. It’s specially formulated to encourage lashes to grow thicker, longer and stronger and features a keratin formula to condition lashes. It’s a great serum for your clients who are particularly socially and environmentally conscious as it is not tested on animals and is also Paraben and fragrance free. For best results, the Flawless Lashes serum should be left on overnight and used everyday for three months.

Flawless Lashes is the perfect option if you're looking for a cruelty free lash serum.

The growth of lash serums

Use of lash serums has grown considerably, especially since lockdown as clients seek to maintain their lashes at home. 

How considerable has this growth been? According to Google shopping trends, sales of lash serums have rocketed by 150% since the pandemic began. Salons are taking advantage of this trend, stocking a variety of lash serums and associated lash-care products, providing a quick, profitable, additional revenue stream.

So, if you’re looking to add a profitable new revenue stream to your salon business, now’s the time to stock lash serums from Salons Direct.

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