January is an uncertain month for many service businesses, as regular clients and consumers in general begin to cut back on spending following the frenzy of the Christmas festivities.

Here at Salons Direct, we understand that this pivotal period of time can be make or break for your salon business. We have previously shared our very best marketing tips to avoid salon downtime and here we are sharing our best advice on how you can attract new clients through leveraging the wellbeing trends that consume this quieter time of year.

The new year, new me mentality…

It’s a phrase we’ve heard time and time again when a new year rolls around, and we know that many clients will be contemplating trying to become the best version of themselves in 2018.

How your salon can help…

As a salon owner, you can bolster the ‘new year, new me’ mindset by becoming a destination where clients can relax, unwind and recharge. We already know that many clients will be looking for a place to transform their look, but have you considered your salon environment? Does it harness a feeling of tranquility for the busy lives of many clients and customers?

Sure, you can work on treatments that help relax the face and body of your clients such as massage or makeup, but how does your environment make them feel? A large part of the well being movement is ensuring that clients feel present and connected to their surroundings. Is your salon a place they can associate with a break away from the stresses of daily life?

Take the time to evaluate your salon decor and furniture – is your salon looking tired and neglected? This will inevitably rub off on your clients, so take any downtime as useful time spent giving your salon a face lift. We have previously created an in-depth guide on how to set the right mood in your treatment rooms that will help you focus your own thoughts.

Think seriously about the 5 senses and how you can encourage your clients to feel present and at ease in your salon. We recommend soft music that’s not too repetitive and evokes a feeling of relaxation. We also recommend candles (stowed safely) for a pleasant scent and an ambient light. Take a look at the temperature – is it at a comfortable level to unwind?

And don’t forget your staff…

Just as clients plan to make changes to their lives at the beginning of a new year – whether that be their general attitude, a career change, or personal resolutions – your salon staff are likely to be making these changes also, and so it is very important that they are happy and fulfilled working in your salon environment.

A happy environment rubs off on the wellbeing of your clients…

If you have a few hours downtime, on an individual basis, think about whether or not your staff are performing well and most importantly, if they appear to be happy in their work. After all, it is your staff who foster those all important relationships with clients and are the reason clients come back to your salon time and time again.

It’s important to keep a handle on staff turnover and work towards being the best manager you can. We always recommend taking the time to talk to your staff; this simple act can break down any communication barriers and allow everyone to enter the new year feeling as though they are free to do their job.

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And finally, as a salon owner it can be overwhelming taking on a new year and the stresses and worries that go along with that. Make sure you take time for yourself and your own wellbeing.

After all, you’ll be a better manager for it and your clients and staff will sense your balanced and happy nature – it’s infectious! Remember, the new year isn’t always about a drastic new look, it’s about creating a space for everyone to feel relaxed.

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