Following a magnificent 1st and 2nd place win for Lyndsay Hughes in our recent Facebook competition, we asked her to tell us how she created each look…

“Hi, I’m Lyndsay Hughes, I’m 26 and live in Galway in Ireland, where I am studying for my Masters in Journalism. I have been in hairdressing since I was 16, and I love it!

I love following celebrity trends, and as a result, I set up a ‘Celebrity Package’ in which my clients can choose a colour, cut and style based on their favourite look for a reduced price. Usually, the client will choose a celebrity look and bring a photo to me so that I can base their look on it. This was the case for both my competition entries.

1st place entry:

My 1st place entry features Galway model Shahira Barry, who regularly visits me for her colour and cut, or for session styling for photocalls etc. Thanks to her, my work has been published in many Irish and UK newspapers and I am credited on her Facebook photos at and her blog:

Shahira brought me a photo of Kim Kardashian, and explained that she had asked on several occasions for the long ‘bangs’ worn by the star, only to be given long layers. Shahira’s hair is naturally black, waist length and poker straight; she has Bangladeshi roots and loves having ‘Indian hair’. So to achieve Kim Kardashian’s look, I coloured Shahira’s hair with a gentle semi-permanent black (Igora Vibrance 1-0 with 10 vol developer), before applying a shine treatment: Alfaparf’s Semi di Lino Mask and Shine Lotion vial. I then cut about half an inch off the ends of her hair and took out a fringe section as though I was going to cut a full fringe. With this section, I cut to jaw length as though it was a full rounded fringe that had grown out. I then blowdried the hair off completely before backcombing and GHD curling it. With the long bangs, I blowdried them with a medium round brush so that they flicked back off the face and blended into the rest of the style. (See pic below)

This has become Shahira’s trademark look, and we have managed to perfectly imitate Kim Kardashian style.


2nd place entry:

Alisha brought me a photo of Jessie J, which featured her famous dip-dyed look. (see below)

Over the summer, I was inundated with requests for Balayage/Ombre hair, but generally did caramel or bright blonde ends in dark brown hair. To achieve the regular brown/blonde Balayage look without ending up with a definite line between the brown roots and light ends, I would use foils. Starting as I would start a full-head of highlights, I would do thick weaves with pre-lightener and 30vol developer, starting further from the roots as I moved up through the packets. To avoid any harsh lines, I would stagger the distance from the roots with each weave (in each packet) and stop when I got halfway to the crown at the back of the head. For the sides, I would place five packets each side, moving further from the root as I worked towards the parting. I would leave the top of the hair out completely, but when I finished with the foils, I would randomly paint a few fine strands throughout, starting about 5-8 inches from the root, with pre-lightener to get a perfect blend from dark to light.

For Alisha’s Jessie J inspired look, instead of toning the pre-lightened hair with a caramel tone as I normally would for balayage/ombre, I applied Renbow Crazy Colour in ‘Fire Red’ and developed under heat for 20 minutes before rinsing. Alisha then opted for a beachy wave blowdry, which I achieve by doing a curly blowdry with extra large brushes, then spritzing with sea salt spray.

I am absolutely thrilled with my win, and would like to point out that I am available for session work! I also love to help out others, so if you have any questions about my work, feel free to contact me! 😉

Irish Mobile number: 085-1349168