It is said that our eyebrows frame our eyes, and that our eyes are the windows to our souls. So what happens when a person’s eyebrows leave much to be desired!?

We all long for a set of perfectly shaped and arched eyebrows and some of us long for this more than others. For me personally, a perfectly shaped set of eyebrows are an ESSENTIAL part of my daily make up routine. I have Alopecia Universalis which means I lost all my hair, eyebrows and eyelashes at the age of 12 years old. You really don’t realise how much of an effect your eyebrows have on your overall appearance until you wake up one morning and they’re not there anymore!

The looks… The staring… the way the person you’re talking to is looking back at you with a look of intense concentration on their face as they try to figure out what it is about you that just doesn’t look ‘quite right’. Proof, in my opinion that a good set of eyebrows makes all the difference.

I also have an extremely faded set of tattooed eyebrows to cover and keep covered all day as well! I just can’t bring myself to face the tattooing again!

Salons Direct were kind enough to send me across a Wow Brow Therapy powder palette, brush and stencil set for me to test and review and I jumped at the chance (as I always do) at trying something new and giving my feedback. I work in a salon environment with the daily running of my own business so I need an eyebrow powder that looks good and stays all day long where I put it!

You wouldn’t believe the nightmares I have had in the past with eyebrow powders that run when I sweat / get my face wet or smear and smudge as I brush my hair away from my face with my hand. Imagine the scenario….. I’m casually walking along to the shops with my kids when all of a sudden the heavens open and it starts raining cats and dogs. Drenched wig (bearable) drenched clothing (somewhat bearable) smeared eyebrows and eyeliner turning me into a remarkable resemblance to Brandon Lee from The Crow (UN-BEARABLE!) I think I’ve made my point…..

So, let’s get started on it!

The products I have been sent to test and review are the Wow brow therapy powder palette which contains 5 different shades and a small angled applicator brush, and the Wow brow stencil set containing three different shaped brow stencils.

Here’s how I applied the WOW brow therapy powder….

Step One
First I applied my foundation as usual paying special attention to my brow area to ensure I got a nice even coverage of foundation. Tip – a good foundation base helps your brow powder last as long as possible.

Step Two
I selected my preferred eyebrow shape from the 3 set stencil kit and positioned it against my eyebrow bone, making sure that the stencil was set flat against my skin. The stencils are flexible which is great as it means you only need one hand to do this!

Step Three
Load your angled brow brush and either tap or gently blow off any excess product before application. The easiest way I have found to apply the powder through the stencil is to start at the inner corner of the stencil and lightly apply the powder in short, soft strokes. I like to add the powder a little at a time, building up until I am happy with the colour. Remove the stencil and repeat the process on the other side then your all done!

Set yourself a good 30 minutes aside when you first come to use the Wow Brow therapy powders and stencils. Experiment with the different brow shapes and the different colours until you find your favourite combination. Don’t forget that you can also mix the wow brow therapy powders to create different shades. With a bit of practice you should be able to apply a new set of eyebrows in under 5 minutes 🙂

I wore the Wow Brow Therapy Powder for a full working week and I was really impressed at how well it lasted right through the day and right up until bedtime when it was time to remove my makeup.

WOW Brows Review | Salons Direct

I can say with some confidence that I will be sticking with the Wow Brow therapy powder from now on, and I will also be recommending and offering it to my clients too!

Emma xxx

WOW Brows Review | Salons Direct

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