Ahh back pain, the health hazard of our trade, playing havoc with our musculoskeletal system. The neck, shoulders, lower back, you name it, we’ve all had it, but what we want to know is how we can avoid it.

Bending over clients creates a sustained flexed spine which flattens the lower region of the back and is one of the most common causes of back pain. Maintaining this posture increases stiffness throughout the neck and shoulders causing that painful thing we call tension. If this wasn’t bad enough, the consistent scissor work can overload the forearms and extensor muscles and holding arms continuously at shoulder height can cause that pesky tension again. So what small changes can you make to avoid back pain?


1. Good posture and correct manual handling is the key to our relief. Simple changes such as making sure the client is at the right height can make such a difference – so pump that pedal!

2. All equipment should be easily accessible, avoid any repetitive leaning or bending – strain you shall not!

3. Regular breaks should be enforced. Take a break, don’t break your back!

4. Exercise, yeah we know we hate the thought too, but trust us it helps! Stretching and practicing back strengthening exercises can really make a difference.

5. Equip your salon! High quality hydraulic styling chairs prevents over stretching, stooping and slouching. Cushioned mats create comfort for stylists who are on their feet all day.

Start enjoying work again, be aware, make the changes and get ‘back’ to normal, you will thank us for it.

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