As wedding season is upon us, we caught up with a selection of the UK’s top stylists and colourists to unearth their very best advice when it comes to creating beautiful hair for your clients’ wedding day.

In the first part of our stylists series, we touched upon the importance of consultation and pre planning when it comes to styling wedding hair. Here in part 2, we discover our stylists’ best advice on trend-led styles and the most effective ways to keep wedding hair looking good.

How to keep wedding hair looking beautiful all day long…

With hundreds of photographs being taken of the bride all day long, it is important that you give your client a fully wearable and long wearing style. Our stylists share their thoughts on the best styles for a wedding day.

“A thorough consultation is an absolute must ahead of the big day. (10).jpg

Nicola Clarke, Creative Colour Director for Color Wow and John Frieda Salons and Kate Moss’ colourist, shares her thoughts on merging beautiful colour with an effortless style: “My top tip for keeping hair looking great on the go is to invest time in styling your clients’ hair. However, the current trend for that slightly more undone look means that you can rough dry hair, then use tongs to create loose waves which look stylish. Finish with some hairspray to hold them in place.”

The power of the right style…

William from ELECTRIC HAIR shares his thoughts on not being afraid to be experimental with style. He says: “Do not be afraid of going for something different to an up-do. Different styles and textures work well with each dress, so depending on what your client will be wearing, you can help them to decide on some options if they are unsure. Hair-down, soft editorial waves and beautiful textures can look just as elegant as hair-up on the day.”

Trends in wedding hair…

Consider how timeless your clients’ hair will look over time, here our stylists share their thoughts on prominent trends in hair and how they are incorporated into bridal hair.

“A thorough consultation is an absolute must ahead of the big day. (11).jpg

Your client may decide that they would like a trend led style for their wedding day, and it is important to be aware of what styles are prominent at any given time. Backstage stylist Victoria Ralph from Windle and Moodie says: “At the moment, the bridal hair trend seems to be moving more towards a natural ‘done/undone’ look. This style requires good prep work to get the finish just right. You want the right amount of texture without it looking messy.

“Another important aspect of a wedding day updo is making sure it is secure.  Incorporate a small, hidden braid under the chignon or main structure of the updo to have something to secure the grips and pins securely into. Use plenty of hairspray to finish.”

“A thorough consultation is an absolute must ahead of the big day. (12).jpg

Pete Burkhill of the HOB Creative Team has seen a real shift towards the trends in wedding hair. He says: “It’s quite easy to get carried away with wedding hair. In the past few years, we’ve seen a real shift towards more relaxed, sexier and wearable hair, rather than structured up dos and barrel curls.  Rather than heading straight to traditional wedding magazines or wedding books to get your inspiration, try searching Pinterest and Instagram for more current and on trend red carpet looks.”

Working with brides involves creativity and an ability to work under pressure. Boost your wedding hair bookings through creating a bridal specific lookbook and gathering photos of any bridal hair that you’ve done to build your portfolio and attract more clientele.

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