It’s a fact many of your clients will neglect their feet. Their poor toes will be bunged into boots and forced to relentlessly pound the pavement until summer comes along and the client wants to get sandal-ready; this can mean there is a lot of untreated nasties in store for beauty technicians when then socks come off. This articles aims to highlight some common foot problems and how to treat them so banishing foot no-no’s no longer has to be a mean feet.

Common Problems

1) Fungal Infections – LEAVE WELL ALONE‚ it might seem counter intuitive but turning on your heel rather than taking on the client can sometimes be the best option. After all, if you or your salon equipment pick up the infection, was that extra bit of business really worth it? We know therapists aren’t doctors and can’t diagnose but you can advise and refer. In fact, it makes good business sense to develop a relationship with a local podiatrist who can ‘trade down’ clients who no longer need medical treatment in return for you referring clients their way.

2) Dehydrated Skin – As there are no sebaceous glands on the soles of your feet, they are particularly prone to dehydration. To combat this you will need to file away the dry skin but it is also important to recommend good home-care advice. It is important that the client treats their feet in between visits to prevent the problem reoccurring so why not build the cost of a moisturising cream into your price?

3) Calluses – Often caused by dehydration, ill-fitting shoes or an abnormal gait. First things first, you should establish what the likely cause of your client’s calluses are in the consultation to prefer the likelihood of them reoccurring. To treat the problem you will need to use a file. Remember though, there is nothing worse than seeing somebody else’s dead skin on a file that is meant for you. To get around this problem you will need either a good sterilizer or replacement pads.

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