Acrylic nails remain a firm favourite in nail grooming, but making sure you are providing good aftercare advice is what will help keep your clients regular.

Knocking your nails can damage or tear off acrylics, which can be painful and drastically affect the health of your nails. Acrylic nails should not damage the natural nail, unless they are pulled off, therefore it is vital to the health of your nails not to do anything too strenuous.

Keeping nails immaculate can be easily done by offering the following acrylic nail aftercare advice.

For The Best Nail Care After Acrylics…

1. Be gentle until the acrylic is fully hardened

Advise your client to be gentle with their acrylic nails for the first 24-48 hours after they are applied. Although liquid & powder acrylic nails dry in minutes, they are not very strong until the bonding process has been completed. Oxygen can hinder the speed of the drying process so by using a cuticle oil, you can help seal the nails and speed up the curing process. Clients should use cuticle oil at as part of their nail care routine at home to keep the natural nail healthy.

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2. Always remove acrylic nails properly

Always advise clients to remove their nails correctly with acetone nail remover. Clients may be able to pull off their nail, but they will certainly damage the health and quality of their natural nail.

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3. Use suitable moisturisers to prevent lifting

Advise clients not to use moisturiser, sun cream or tanning products which contain Lanolin or Mineral Oil. These will cause acrylics to weaken and ‘lift’.

If there are any signs of lifting or damage to the nails, it is important to advise your client to speak to you as soon as possible. Water and bacteria can accumulate under lifted nails and the effects are not very nice!

4. Maintain acrylics every 2 weeks

Finally, always advise clients to have their infills or re-balance done regularly to keep their acrylic nails looking perfectly immaculate. The full set should be completely replaced at least every 6 months.

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