When you work for yourself, your livelihood is continually on the line and it is therefore even more important to ensure that you are effectively marketing yourself as a professional to both attract and retain clients.

The approach is no different for mobile hairdressers and when you don’t have the support of a physical salon, a well-known salon brand name behind you or a team of staff, it can be difficult to know if you’re on the right track.

Here at Salons Direct, we have created the ultimate guide on how to attract and retain clients as a mobile hairdresser.

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With lower overheads associated with mobile hairdressing, you can drive more action into marketing your small business. Traditional methods such as leafleting, local press and directories are all still viable options that we recommend exploring.

Potential new clients need to be reminded of you, so the more people who have heard about your work, the better and the afore mediums are beneficial at promoting your services. You could even customise your car, so when you’re on the road locally, your business is always visible!

Leverage social media…

By setting up a dedicated Facebook page to your mobile hairdressing business, you are opening up the opportunity to reach a wider audience and attract a wealth of potential clients. We have previously touched upon social media marketing for salons and the same principles apply when you’re essentially freelance.

Ensure that your page includes that all important contact information, your services prices, as well as your location, covered area, and specialties – perhaps you’re a hair colour pro, or renowned for sharp, killer cuts. Make sure that you shout about your skill-set and promote the ease of a client choosing you as a mobile hairdresser over going to a salon.

And, probably most importantly, don’t forget plenty of imagery showcasing your work! Humans are by nature, very visual creatures and the proof is in pictures of your work – perhaps you restyled a long hair into a pixie crop, or transformed a brunette into a beautifully balayaged blonde!

We recommend also encouraging past clients to leave you an honest and fair review to help boost credibility as well as visibility. The star rating system on Facebook is a quick way to do this.

We also recommend encouraging your family and friends to spread the word. Ensure that you have business cards including all your contact details so that you can tell people to pass them on.

Think about the kind of clientele you’re most likely to attract as a mobile hairdresser…

As is the way with physical salon businesses, your main peaks in business will be when your clients are available, lunch hours, typically between 12 and 2, after 5 pm and most notably, on weekends!

In order to attract clientele it is imperative that you make yourself available during the most effective business hours and be open to working ‘out of hours’ for special occasions such as weddings or proms, Mother’s Day or the races  -These seasonal jobs are ideal ways to drum up business with multiple clients as family members and groups of friends will be wanting to look good.

You also need to think about who is likely to be at home during the day, shift workers and the retired – there is money to be made by servicing these people with your skill- set.

Understanding how to tackle difficult clients…

Working for yourself as a mobile hairdresser can be lonely, especially when clients are difficult or refuse to pay. In the space of an unfamiliar environment, any kind of dispute can be intimidating.

We have compiled a complete guide for any stylist dealing with difficult clients. The main takeaway is to do your best to diffuse any situation in a calm manner, before offering a reasonable and fair solution. For example, if your client does not like their cut or colour, ask them to explain constructively why they don’t like it. Of course, this isn’t always easy when emotions are heightened.

Starting out on your own is never easy, but the rewards of flexibility and reaping the benefits of happy clients are yours for the taking as a mobile hairdresser.

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