We previously touched upon how you can make your salon succeed and the pitfalls to avoid. As a salon owner we know you are keen to understand the main methods and approaches that will increase profitability within your salon.

Whilst keeping your books balanced and busy with clients is important in keeping your salon business afloat, there are other revenue streams that can help stabilise your position even further. It is not rocket science: you can maximise profits through increased retail sales.

Making the most of your salon reception…

A salon reception area doesn’t have to consist of just basic seating and a few magazines – if you’re struggling for inspiration take a look at our salon management piece on creating an inviting reception area.

Your reception area is the ideal place to merchandise and ultimately sell to your clients who pass through this extremely busy area of your salon.

The footfall within this area is high as clients will be waiting here ahead of their treatments, as well as passing through post treatment. Perhaps they want to purchase the products that have been used by your stylists or therapists?

Creating focal points…

Work cleverly with any brand campaign imagery you have been supplied, create a focal point at eye level and merchandise particular products cleverly, being sure to include complimentary products nearby to encourage multi purchases.
It’s important to remember that point of purchase displays are responsible for 80% of impulse buys, so really believe in the power of miniature products. Those last minute items are likely to tempt your clients, encouraging them to spend a little more. Place a basket of travel-size products, such as hairspray, around your reception desk. This is an especially useful approach around Christmas time when gifting is prevalent.

If your reception area is naturally positioned at the front of your salon and you have correctly merchandised this area, clients passing by on the street will be able to see your retail offering and are likely to walk into your salon and take a look. They may even book in for a treatment, increasing your profits from one person alone.

Keep your merchandising simple…

It is important to not overload your clients with too many products; instead make it easier for your clients to find what they’re looking for by categorised shelves.
Ensure that each product type, i.e shampoo or conditioner, has it’s own area, so that products can be easily located by both your staff and clients, hassle free. Be mindful of your clients’ experience, as they may be embarrassed to ask how much products are, so be sure to list clear prices for your retail stock, to make their buying experience a smooth one.

Make sure that this area is also tidy. Assign a team member to be responsible for ensuring your retail stock is completely free of dust and dirt at all times, as well as being well stocked and presentable. All of these small details contribute to whether you make 10 retail sales or none at all. Remember a client’s visual impression of your salon is very important.

With retail sales being a vital part of whether your salon business is successful, don’t let poor merchandising affect your chances of not maximising profits through retail sales.

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