Say hello to Diamond Gel by OPI, which is now available to buy at Salons Direct! The latest 3-in-1 hard gel system offers the versatility to build, overlay, and sculpt with a weightless feel and dazzling shine.

What is OPI Diamond Gel? 💅

Diamond Gel is a new innovative system of multi-use builder gels featuring a variety of shades in OPI’s iconic whites, pinks, and nudes.

What are the benefits of OPI Diamond Gel?

A Durable Nail Enhancement System ✅

Diamond Gel is a resilient nail enhancement system designed to endure wear with brilliance and shine.

Available in OPI’s classic pink, neutral, and white hues, Diamond Gel gives nails a weightless feel and a robust and healthy appearance.

The application is also effortless, with odour-free curing and a simple file-off removal.

Build more easily ✅

Shape and craft to provide natural nails with a consistent look and extend them further using a nail tip for elongation.

Overlay with ease ✅

Diamond gel offers a safeguarding barrier to reinforce the natural nail without adding length or extension.

Sculpt with precision ✅

Diamond Gel creates a natural length extension with a nail form.

Let’s take a look at the OPI Diamond Gel in more detail…

OPI Diamond Gel Clear Builder Gel 

OPI Diamond Gel Clear Builder Gel


Choose from 6 gorgeous shades…

Clear 🤍

Put it in neutral 🩷 – Neutral Pink

Alpine Snow ❄️ – Ultra White

Bubble Bath 🛀 – Cool Pink

Passion 💗 – Warm Pink

Funny Bunny 🐇 – Soft white


🌟 Diamond gel is super user-friendly, enabling the effortless creation of natural-looking nail extensions.

🌟 The range includes various nude shades that allow adaptation to individual skin tones.

🌟 Ideal for covering natural nails and sculpting purposes.

🌟 Provides approximately 92 services per pot.

How to use OPI Diamond Gel

Step One: The 3in1 treatment begins with a Base Gel, which acts as a flexible barrier between the natural nail and the product.

Step Two: After this, the Builder+ Gel is applied (included is a choice of 5 nude shades or a clear gel; you can upgrade to alternate colours).

Step Three: The treatment is finished with the Gloss Top Sealer, which provides a high-shine finish and also helps withstand daily wear and tear.

Diamond Gel FAQ’s 💎

Is Diamond Gel soak off?

Diamond Gel is a buff-off product. As you will infill this product at regular maintenance appointments you will rarely need to do a full removal. Diamond Gel is easy to file and can be removed easily when necessary. Training is recommended and we run classes for all levels.

Do I have to remove Diamond Gel?

There is no need to remove, Diamond Gel can be infilled as part of regular maintenance appointments, it can also be grown out if you prefer not to remove completely, just thinning out and reducing length as the nail grows.

How long does it take to remove Diamond Gel with file V E file?

35 Minutes with file V, 15/20 minutes with E File.

Can I use Diamond Gel Top Coat over GelColor?

Diamond Gel is a hard gel, so it can’t be applied over GelColor, which is a soft gel, as it would crack. However, you can apply GelColor over Diamond Gel.

What is the Diamond Gel cost per service?

The number of services varies per pot from 92 to 138. Cost per service varies per pot from £0.40-£2.27.


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