For both nail professionals and beauty enthusiasts alike, Nails Inc are synonymous with quality creative nail polish and innovative nail treatments.

In this month’s Brand Spotlight interview, we catch up with Nails Inc founder and ex fashion editor of Tatler magazine, Thea Green to discover more about the roots of her iconic nail care brand.

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Tell us more about how Nails Inc began?

Being an editor I was travelling backwards and forwards from the USA and was so impressed by the speedy efficient nail bars over there which just didn’t exist in the UK. But even in The States nobody was doing it complete with a fashionable high quality nail product – there was no brand leader. I was inspired to launch both a nail product and service. I think of Nails Inc as much of a fashion brand as I do a beauty company.

How does Nails Inc stay competitive within the industry?

Constantly coming up with new innovative ideas to capture the latest trends swatched from the catwalk but most importantly sustain the highest quality of product within the nail market. 

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How have trends within the nail business evolved over the years?

We have seen many trends over the years, and have had an exciting run of innovative first to market products. For example the paint can spray nail polish, as well as the first brand to launch a gel formulae nail polish taking advantage of the gel technology into core colour.

We also launched a super food range into the nail treatment world which I think coincides very well with today’s trends, as people are so aware of their own wellness and the planet’s wellness and we have really tried to create products which are vegan, clean and as planet friendly as possible.

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What do you think sets Nails Inc apart from their competitors within the market?

With each product we create a story or an emotive theme curating a path to build upon for our customers to believe in. This way it adds another dimension to nail polish rather than just a single shade. For example one of our best sellers was ‘Sparkle Like A Unicorn’, Based around the unicorns trend, we made it our own by painting the unicorn dream in a duo of specially designed colours.

What trends do you predict for 2018 and beyond?

We are obsessed with flamingo pink at the moment – this summer it’s all about NEON!

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What has been the brand’s greatest success?

We have had many exciting successes which I have been so proud of, but at the moment we are currently celebrating the success of ‘sparkle like a unicorn’ nail polish duo and our ‘Listen hard girl’ real neon UV reactive lip paint.  

How has social media and the rise of influencer marketing had an effect on the brand?

We work very closely with influencers who represent our brand, they help to raise awareness, and create hype around a product launch or a nail trend etc. They are the direct link between the consumer and us, providing rich information to the likes and dislikes, guiding us to what people want right now. Sustaining these relationships is imperative to us especially in such a highly saturated market.

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What are your best-selling products?

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How do you innovate as a brand?

We use the highest quality products and ingredients. Constantly watching the trends and from there we create new and innovative products. For example, we have just launched the first at home gel remover kit.

What can we expect from Nails Inc throughout 2018 and beyond?

We have just launched the next generation of Nails Inc – INCredible cosmetics, an innovative cosmetic range. There is so much fun you can have with cosmetics, and just like nails there is an opportunity to experiment with different formats, effects and high pigment colour. We have just moved into a full cosmetics range and will be adding more in the future.

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